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Make the Most of Free and Cheap Marketing Tricks

Companies big and small spend a large portion of their budget on marketing, and this is especially true for new businesses, as they seek to break into new markets. However, there are plenty of marketing tricks that take advantage of other processes and let you ride the wave to really leverage every dollar you spend on marketing.

If you are looking to make your marketing budget even more efficient, then you can check out these marketing tricks to help spread your message by spending little to no money.

 Cheap Marketing Tricks

Get Reviewed by Experts

One way to get your name out there for free is to use the inertia of professional reviewers. In other words, because people dedicate themselves to providing detailed and high quality reviews of different products, if you get reviewed by one of them, they are essentially letting potential customers know what your product offers and how it stacks up against the competition. 

For example, check out these analysis of online poker sites online poker, known in Thai as โป๊กเกอร์ออนไลน์. You can tell these reviews are excellent because they cover all the details from bonuses and promotions to the variety of poker types offered. Plus, they are in Thai and directed for the Thai public. They even review licensing at these sites in Thailand, where retail casinos are not allowed. They have reviewed tons of online poker sites, so they are able to confidently recommend the best ones available.

Of course, if you are reviewed at this level of detail, it is important to offer a quality product or service. Otherwise, what is a great advertisement opportunity could go south. Make sure to have all your ducks in line as soon as possible. Once you are confident in your product, then you can even reach out to professional reviewers and get the word on your product out into the ether.

Be Social Media Savvy

Social media is a big resource, and while they do have paid advertising options, a lot of marketing can happen via organic traffic. With a bit of time studying or taking an online social media marketing course, you can begin to leverage this free resource to its full potential.

Plus, exposure on social media has more value than a paid advertisement. We may be slightly suspicious of a paid advertisement, but when a friend or a contact casually recommends or is using a product, then we take it a little more seriously. It feels like an authentic recommendation. If you want to expand your marketing presence without digging deep into your pockets, social media is a good option.

Work on Your Local SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and many people work on improving their rankings by looking at the national scale. While the national scale is great, Google also operates on a local basis. If you can master this, it is a free way to make your website gain some organic traffic. Develop a local SEO strategy to complement your larger SEO portfolio.

Some of the things you should do to up your local SEO game include adding local tags with the name of the city or important neighborhoods, and to publish on local directories or publications at the neighborhood level. Local SEO is a good way to find your niche and be able to compete with the more powerful companies that may have larger SEO teams.

Sign Up With Google My Business

In order for a business to grow, then potential customers have to be able to find it. It can be especially difficult for small businesses to be found online. In order to do this, go directly where your customers already are! So many people use Google Maps or basic Google searches to find the place to buy their next pair of shoes or where to find the nearest hardware store.

If you make an account with Google My Business, then you can appear in Google Maps, so people nearby can find you. You will also appear more in search engine results in general. This is a free account to make and will allow your loyal customers to leave glowing reviews, providing authentic recommendations to grow your business. These reviews are great because real people will fawn over all kinds of details in your business and even publish their own photos.