November 21, 2020


Wedding planning can be really exhausting for engaged couples and even their loved ones. This is because there are lots of decisions to make during the preparation that can cause headaches. Lots of brides tend to hire wedding planners to bring in expertise and reduce the stress, but it still comes down to the couple to make the big decisions. Decisions like the preferred theme, the color, the decorations, the venue, and so on.

The venue chosen for a wedding can set the pace for the event, so it is undoubtedly an important decision. There are several options ranging from the hall to barns that a couple can choose from.

Advisably, couples should consider having a barn wedding. There are several sophisticated barns like the rustic wedding chapel barn in Gatlinburg, TN that serves as the perfect wedding venue. If ever in doubt, here are some of the reasons why a barn wedding is a great idea:


There Is Plenty Of Space

Barns designated as event spaces are usually quite large. Whether the couple is expecting a small number of guests or a large number of guests of up to about 500, the venue can be set up to contain everyone. The barn can be the venue of the main ceremony, as well as the reception. Guests won’t have to start moving from one place to another since the barn is sufficient for the entire ceremony. This will not only save the couple some money, but it is also quite convenient for both the couple and their guest.

Choosing A Color Theme Is Easier

A barn wedding provides a blank canvas, thereby allowing the couple to pick whatever color they want. This may not be possible in other venues like the hall. For instance, a hall originally colored blue may clash with the decorative color the couple has chosen. With barn weddings, it won’t already have any color, thereby making it possible for the couple to play around with the colors they want.

There Is A Lot Of Decorative Options 

For certain event venues, picking a theme might be restrictive because it may not go well with the venue setting. For instance, a couple interested in having an outdoor wedding shouldn’t book a hall. However, with a barn wedding, the couple can have an outdoor wedding or even an indoor wedding. Once the decision of the theme of the wedding is made, the event planner can simply decorate the barn and set up tents to suit that theme. The possibilities are endless when it comes to having a barn wedding.

Natural Background For Photographs

Barns have a natural feel, and they tend to have amazing views. It has been observed that pictures taken in a natural environment are arguably the best kinds of pictures. This means whatever wedding picture is taken at a barn wedding will come out nicely.

It’s More Fun 

A barn venue is itself a relaxed setting, and this allows the couple and their guests the opportunity to engage in more fun activities. Other venues like a banquet hall, country club, or hotel can be quite restrictive with their rules, limiting the kinds of activities the couples and their guests can engage in.

Most Barns Are Historical

A lot of the barns that host weddings hold a lot of history. The barns are usually locations for historical events. Consequently, any wedding held at these barns become even more memorable. The couple can look back and be glad that one of the most important days of their lives will be listed and remembered alongside whatever historic happenings took place in the barn they had chosen to have their wedding.

It Is Less Stressful

Usually, one of the things that can cause stress when planning a wedding is finding something that goes with another thing. For instance, find the color that goes with the color of the venue or finding a menu that suites the scene. With a barn wedding, one need not worry about this since everything can be done without restriction. The couple need not consider any external factor, and that can ease up the planning process.

Outfits And Gifts Flexibility

Because a barn fosters a relaxed setting, the couples can ease up on their dress code for their guests. They can choose to go for something more comfortable and free. Also, if they decide to give their guests gifts, they can go for something simple and handmade. An option that may be odd in a different kind of wedding venue.

Upon thoroughly reviewing the above-listed reasons, it becomes clear that a barn wedding can provide all that one needs to have a memorable wedding event.