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What Is a Twin Flame? Signs You've Met Your Soulmate

The twin flame concept might sound new to numerous people. While many think this concept is synonymous with "soulmate," both terms have different meanings.

Currently, there's no scientific explanation denoting the existence of "twin flames." However, psychologists say this concept is an actual thing that's worth examining.

This guide will examine the meaning of twin flames and 10 signs you've met your twin flame.

Itching to know if your "soulful" connection with another individual is just fleeting or a full-blown twin flame?

Read on for more context! 

Twin Flame Defined

Also tagged mirror souls, a twin flame denotes a union based on modern-day spiritualism. In recent times, this term has experienced a popularity surge as it's a tell-tale of a soulful link between 2 people. These persons are described as "two halves" of one soul and might share similar experiences, history, and emotional trauma.

A twin flame is bound to depict hardship and healing as its mirroring nature tends to showcase insecurities and fear in each individual. However, these traits are vital in aiding your resurgence and recovery as time goes on.

In twin flames, both individuals will remain whole if they are on their own. Although there's a popular notion that twin flames complete each person, this connection aids an independent relationship and will encourage people involved to do things on their own without fear or favor. 

Top 10 Signs That You're in a Twin Flame

According to psychologists, these signs showcase twin flames between two individuals:

#1 An Instant Link in Your First Meeting

When you come across your twin flame, you'll feel an instant connection immediately. Meeting a twin flame is almost reminiscent of getting home after a long day at the office – peaceful and alluring.

Once you encounter yours, you'll feel as though you've known them all your life, even if it's your first meet-up. 

#2 You and the Other Person Possess Many Similarities

Once you've met your twin flame, you'll notice you both share a ton of things in common, ranging from hobbies to past experiences and emotional or mental trauma. 

#3 You Complement One Another

If you and your twin flame possess distinct traits, you will notice that rather than these attributes conflicting, they complement each other.

Since twin flames mirror both individuals, you both can see each other's inefficiencies and heal from turbulent life issues in the long run.

#4 They Push You to Become a Better Version of Yourself

As we've stated, twin flames have mirroring features. In a mirror, you can view your flaws. The same applies to twin flames as they'll push you to do better in life facets you're struggling with.

That way, you both can reach greater heights and get to milestones once thought unreachable. In this union, growth is the watchword.

#5 The Relationship Isn't Free Flowing All Through

You might think twin flames are perfect, but the reverse is often the case. As the relationship progresses, you'll encounter aspects of yourself you don't like. Although it might be a tad difficult to face your flaws, you'll need to weather the storm as it'll facilitate long-term growth. 

#6 Intensity Reigns Supreme

Twin flames are most likely to be filled with topsy-turvy emotions. These feelings are expedited because you both are interconnected and similar.

Thus, you'll encounter deeper emotions prompting high intensity and passion levels during the relationship.

#7 You Come Back Together Often

Twin flames depict anger and frustration that can result in both individuals going their separate ways. However, you'll find yourself reconnecting with your twin flame in ways you consider impossible. It's just like the universe is edging you to reignite the "flame" with them.

NOTE: Returning to your twin flame may take months or years. But one thing's certain – you'll get back with them one way or the other. 

#8 You Share a Psychic Connection

If you're in a twin flame relationship, you can quickly tell what your significant other is thinking in one glance. In some cases, you'll share in their emotions too!

#9 Quick Transformation

Twin flames reaffirm swift transformation and changes. Just when you thought you'd settle for one thing, you're flying around the country, meeting new individuals, and having a swell time without any prior indication. 

#10 Amplified Doubts and Insecurities

The sole aim of a twin flame is to help you become the best version of yourself. However, this journey isn't all smooth sailing, as you'll notice amplification of your fears and insecurities. Knowing these flaws allows you to work on them, heal, and grow as time passes.

Twin Flame and Soulmate: Similar or Distinct?

Most people use the terms – twin flame and soulmate – interchangeably. However, they're different.

A twin flame is two halves of one soul coming together to start a relationship. Emotions shared in a twin flame are deep and can't exist with any other person.

Simply put, you have just one twin flame.

On the other hand, soulmates are romantic unions that can't outweigh a twin flame. Soulmates are individuals who share close links, but they aren't two halves of the same soul.

Soulmates can also be contractual. For example, your soulmates could exist in the form of friends, family, and pets. 

Major Takeaway

Twin flames are rock-solid relationships featuring two halves of one soul. However, note that these unions aren't smooth sailing all through, and you'll most likely encounter hoops along the way.

Although no scientific proof confirms the authenticity of twin flames, psychologists claim they exist.

If you feel you've found your twin flame, hire a therapist to grant you insight into tips essential to maintaining a healthy union.