Is it the right time to finally visit a Clinical Psychologist
August 06, 2020

Is it the right time to finally visit a Clinical Psychologist

People in every single spectrum of life at some point have experienced traumatic experiences and bouts of mental pain and stress. It is completely normal for most of us to feel exhausted and unmotivated sometimes. 

People opt for multiple forms of therapy to help them cope with the experiences that trigger them. However, therapy is for everyone, whether or not you have a mental condition. Therapy is a resource that is meant for any individual who wants to achieve clear and good mental health.

Some individuals suffer from complex syndromes and mental ailments but are sacred and skeptical about therapy and the stigma that surrounds mental problems. Clinical psychology is one branch of medicine that aims to provide treatment for these people. But with the current stigma about mental health, how does one know when to approach a clinical psychologist?

Why people generally consider therapy

Most people cannot differentiate between their mental symptoms. Living with a condition all your life is tougher because then you have no reference points.  Here are a few common reasons to consider treatment from a psychologist in Dubai.

1. Feeling overwhelmed about life, decisions, and other aspects to a point where you’re always stressed.

2. Problems in relationships with family, friends, strangers, and yourself.

3. Feeling Depression or Anxiety over prolonged periods

4. Unhealthy habits or addictions (substance or behavioral)

5. Grief and Loss over the death of a beloved person and the inability to move on.

6. Symptoms resembling Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disease, Insomnia, Schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses.

Signs that you need to make an appointment with a Psychologist

Apart from these vague symptoms, other parameters that would require immediate attention into would be:

Constantly overwhelmed- If you constantly feel like you’re always stressed out, always have too much to do and never enough time to rest or even breathe at times. This could lead to severe physical and mental conditions like anxiety.

Fatigue- Fatigue is normal but if you find yourself being a complete sloth, sleep most of the time, and have no energy to do even the things you like; this fatigue could be the physical manifestation of mental conditions.

Extreme rage, anger, or resentment- Passing rage and aggression is something that is normal, healthy even. However, if you seem to be facing extreme and uncontrollable rage, or are always agitated, it is a sign that something is deeply bothering you.

Agoraphobia- This is a condition where people fear they might go through panic attacks in a public place and in turn feel trapped. People sometimes are incapable of leaving their houses due to this.

Apathy- Losing interest in doing any activity, be it routine work, fun, or taking care of yourself indicate depression, anxiety, and other mental ailments. If you feel hopeless and unmotivated and fail to see the point in anything, then visit a clinical psychologist for some clarity.

Social Withdrawal- People that aren’t highly introverted but suddenly seem to become more anti-social by the day are showing signs of distress. If you’re pained by spending time with anyone or are always anxious and uncomfortable around others, it is something to be looked into.

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