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What Are The Skull Rings?

What are the skull rings? The rings featured with the skull are called skull rings. All of us know that the skull symbolizes death. However, it is still so popular that it usually appears in many things, such as jewelry and clothing. Why is it popular?

The meaning of the skull is not only limited to death and it is a more complex and meaningful symbol than you think. The tombstone is carved with a skull pattern to mourn the dead. In some works of art, you can find the image of skulls. For example, some artists' paintings and masterpieces.

It has also been used for jewelry. People wore a skull ring to mourn lost ones and remind them of death.

Today we will share with you the meaning behind skull rings. So, what is the meaning of a skull ring worn on your finger? Let’s read on together!

Skull Rings

1.A Symbol of Death

It is obvious that the meaning of a skull is death. When it comes to bones, the skull is more recognizable than others, so it is a way more obvious and meaningful than say.

Memento mori paintings is a way to use the skull to symbolize the dead. People consider that these paintings are the reminders that life is short. So we need to cherish it.

Sedlec Ossuary is one of the most incredible memento mori artworks, decorated with thousands of bones, forming everything from the cross to the chandelier. It is stating a fact that the skull is a symbol of death.

Now let's return to the topic of the skull rings. The meaning of skull ring is the same as those shown in these paintings. A skull ring on your finger is a modern memento mori, which is a way to think about your life and fate.

2.A Symbol of Equality

The skulls symbolize equality of death. Regardless of how rich or how poor, how great or how awful, all of us will pass away one day.

We are all the same. There is no difference between king’s and beggar’s skull. In death, we are all the same as the skull reminding us.

3.A Symbol of Toughness and Rebellion

Historically, skulls have been worn and used by social rebels.

The pirates waved the cheerful Roger flag, a flag of skeletons and crossbones. From Medieval knights to modern bikers, they are used as symbols. These people show off their courage and toughness by showing the skull images.

This has created a new meaning of the skull. It has represents people living outside society. It represents the rebels and those who abide by their own rules. Men’s skull rings are truly the symbol of toughness and masculinity.

Skull Rings

4.A Reminder of Life

The skull symbolizes many different things. Although it is a symbol of death, it also represents eternal life.

The skull remains after all the other things of a person have rotted away. Celebrations like Mexico’s Day of the Dead are evident that people celebrate eternal life.

The skull remains after all the other things of a person has rotted away. The celebrations like Mexico’s Day of the Dead is evident that people celebrate the eternal life.

Ancestors and family members who have died are respected in a celebration that rotates completely around skulls and images of death.

5.The skull rings and Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, a Latin phrase, means "seize every day"

The skull not only reminds people of death, but also conveys an important message.

Since your life time is limited, you should make full use of it. You should seize every day that you have and live fully. This is why the skull ring is often a popular symbol of the spirit of freedom. For example, the bikers or rock musicians. They know that life is short, so you should enjoy it while it lasts. Skull rings play an important role in bikers’ fashion and rock music. Actually, not only rings, other types of skull jewelry are also worth having.


What are the skull rings? Rather than representing death, the symbolism of the skull is more meaningful. It is a symbol of death and eternal life, equality of death, toughness and rebellion, Carpe Diem and a reminder of life. Now, when wearing a skull ring on your finger, you know the real meaning behind it.