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Popular Trends in Men’s Jewelry

In the past, many men limited their jewelry to their wedding rings. Today, however, men want to add style to their outfits and find jewelry items are an easy way to accomplish this goal. Jewelry designers recognize this and offer more options than ever before to meet the needs of these males. What popular jewelry trends can men expect to see this year?

Popular Trends in Men’s Jewelry


Men appreciate the flexibility of bracelets and often choose to start their jewelry collection by purchasing one of these pieces. A man may want something they can put on and forget, such as a permanent bracelet, or they may choose to invest in several styles to find the ones they love the most. You can also go for sea turtle bracelet. The one problem a male may encounter is they could find their significant other takes one or two of these pieces for their own use, thanks to the industry’s move to genderless jewelry. Purchase several pieces, so both parties always have items they love and want to wear.

Leather Items

Males love leather jewelry because these pieces have an earthy feel to them, and they aren’t flashy. One popular item this year is braided leather bracelets, and men enjoy being able to wear these items alone or combine them with other materials for a look that is distinctly their own. This bracelet adds texture to the wrist, and men who are new to wearing jewelry find a piece such as this is the perfect starting point. They may layer the bracelet with their watch to see if they feel comfortable with this style.

Beaded Necklaces

Gold and silver chains have been popular with men for many years now. Today, jewelry designers are branching out and offering men other options. One style that is garnering attention this year is the beaded necklace. For example, a male might choose a tiger eye beaded necklace and wear it each day to fend off the evil eye. This material is also said to help the wearer make sound decisions. However, it is only one option a man should consider when they wish to purchase a necklace. Regardless of what the male chooses, the necklace will add a casual and contemporary feel to any outfit.

Black Pieces

Men who prefer a modern look in their clothing and accessories should invest in one or more black jewelry items. The edgy vibe these pieces give off will have anyone taking a second look at the wearer. A signet ring with a black enamel surface is a good option to consider when searching for black jewelry, but it is only one of many pieces offered today. Look into necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks in black for a well-coordinated look. 

Chain Jewelry

Chain necklaces have been popular with males for many years now. However, men are wearing chain bracelets and other accessories now. With necklaces, thin is often better. If wearing a chain bracelet, consider going with something more substantial.

Brooches are No Longer for Ladies Only

Countless men are adding a brooch to their favorite outfit to dress it up. Vogue reports men wore this accessory in countless fashion shows and it will appear in various other locations in the coming months. Pick up a brooch or two and see how they add a touch of dash to your wardrobe. Once you see how versatile this accessory is, you may want to pick up a few more.

Adorn the Fingers

Most men choose to wear their wedding ring every day, and many men have made the move to a titanium one. They know it will hold up regardless of what they choose to do, thanks to the strength of the metal. However, men are choosing to try other ring styles today. They find they don’t need to limit themselves to the ring provided by their spouse.

Consider a plain band or go with something fancier. Layered rings are popular today with some men, while others choose to wear a thin band ring. Choose a distinct style for each finger and show off your fashion sense.

Additional Accessories

Don’t overlook the many other options available today. Lip rings and belly chains serve as two options a man may wish to consider. Figurative earrings remain popular, and a man can add an ear cuff or cuff links to complete the look.

Every man differs in their personality and taste in fashion. Try unique looks until you find the one that makes you look and feel your best. This may take trial and error, but don’t give up. The fun lies in trying new looks. Choosing the right item will be easier with excellent photography. You can check the amazing guide to making photography with smartphones. As you see how well one look works, you’ll want to explore different styles and combinations. With so many options available for males today, finding the perfect jewelry items has never been easier. It will be interesting to see what jewelry designers create in the coming months and years. 

Popular Trends in Men’s Jewelry