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Victoria Derby Day 2020: Men and Women's Style Guide

The Victoria Derby Day always signals the official start of the Melbourne Cup Carnival organized by the Victoria Racing Club, and which takes place at the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne.

Apart from the $2 million prize money, and a chance to see the horses in action, something else that you cannot miss to notice is the exquisite dress codes observed by both men and women.

While many racing clubs have strict dress codes that must be observed in and around the

Victoria derby field, many patrons will do their best to look good without stretching the limits.

The following is a look at some of the best men and women styles for this year Derby Day, set to occur on 31st October.

Victoria Derby Day 2020

Men's Style Guide

The Victoria derby field provides an ideal excuse for the gents to get as decked out and dressed up as the ladies. If you are a modern derby man, then you should have an unparalleled colour palette.

Bright pastels and busy plaid or tropical colours in bold stripes should help you become the focus of attention. On the other hand, if you prefer a classical or polished look, go for a seersucker or classic navy blazer.


Pants should always be the starting point, which means they should be an eye-catcher even from a distance. For this reason, consider sun-drenched pants having vibrant colours, e.g., Citron, Key Lime, Bermuda Pink, and Ocean.


Having settled on your preferred pant style, it's now time to have some fun selecting your shirts. Complement the sun-drenched pants with a dress shirt having a complementary color. Go for a striped or gingham shirt.

The Jacket

Your chosen jacket is what will help to bring everything together. If you are the fun-loving type, go for the beautiful chalk stripe, otherwise, stick to the classic navy blazer. The decision on whether to select a two or three-button will depend on your personal style.


Most men prefer the necktie, but you can always change it up with a bowtie. A derby-themed bowtie or tie should help you look distinguished.


Every gentleman will undoubtedly have an opinion on who makes the best horse-bit loafers. Opt for the one that helps make you look dapper, but remember to wear it without socks.

Complete your look by topping it up with a bowler hat or a fedora. Derby hats for men typically come in a solid colour.

Women Style Guide

A unique characteristic associated with this derby is that it's a racing event that helps to showcase the very best of trending fashion styles. It's a time for both male and female attendees to put their best foot forward and select the best derby apparel.

Often, you won't find fast and hard rules for the day, mostly because how you dress will determine where you will spend most of your time.

For women planning to spend more time in the reserved seating spaces (corporate hospitality areas, clubhouse suites, and the grandstand), it would be best to consider bold separates, pastel-coloured suits, or traditional spring dresses.

All this will perfectly match with their accompanying accessories and headwear.


When trying to select a dress for this day, it's always best to ensure you stick to a more straightforward style. A simple style ensures nothing is taken away from the derby hat.

Alternatively, you could also opt to get inspired by the season's colours and go for equine, floral patterns, or a dress filled with colour.

Make sure to dress in layers, as being an outdoor event; you can't always predict how the weather will be on a material day.


It's simply not possible to complete your dress without sandals or a spring heel. However, remember that racing grounds can, at times, pose a challenge to maneuver. Therefore, pack some flats as a backup just in case you find it hard to walk with the heels.

Having looked at the dress and shoes, it's now time to start accessorizing.


Apart from the world-class horses and the tons of celebrities attending derby day, another thing that sets this sporting event apart from all the others is the hats.

You will be pleased to note that there are no rules when it comes to choosing your preferred style: from the sublime to the fantastic.


The Victoria derby day is long, making it necessary for you to ensure you accessorize properly. There will be lots of walking, so confirm you have packed the accessories well.

If possible, get a large bag to allow you to pack a poncho, backup shoes, sunscreen, a water bottle, sunglasses, and your program.

In the large bag, include a smaller bag to hold your essentials, cash, phone, and wagers.


Considering the hat is the primary focus where derby fashion is concerned, you will not need to wear lots of jewellery. Allow the hat to be your main attention grabber for this day.

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Victoria Derby Day 2020: Men and Women's Style Guide