Top 5 Cool Bar Stool Styles for Your Kitchen or Bar
April 06, 2022

Top 5 Cool Bar Stool Styles for Your Kitchen or Bar

It’s important to choose a cool bar stool style to make your kitchen or bar stand out. There are several options available to fit every taste, preference, and budget. Adding unique bar stools to your space effortlessly enhances visual appeal without the need for major renovations. Let’s take a look at some of today’s top styles.


Perhaps the most durable material choice for bar seating is metal. Metal bar stools provide a sleek, polished look and come in every color of the rainbow. Options for finishes include brass, brushed nickel, and polished steel. Many homeowners choose to match their metal bar stools with the finishes on their cabinet hardware and light fixtures. Opt for brightly painted metal stools for an unexpected pop of color in a neutral room. Metal seating is great for outdoor spaces, as the material withstands elements like rain and snow. Also, when picking this type of bar furniture it's good to get the matching bar table, so it looks nice and cohesive. Metal can last longer than wooden bar stools, as long as they’re treated properly.


Wicker is a versatile material, perfect for indoor or outdoor seating. If you’re looking to achieve a vintage aesthetic, wicker offers a whimsical touch. It’s also great for coastal aesthetics or for bar seating at a beach or lake house. Wicker is durable and low maintenance and provides a pop of texture and visual interest around the bar area. Some designers are choosing to create the illusion of wicker by using resin. The resin lookalike provides even more durability and weather resistance.


When you want your guests to feel like they just stepped into a charming French café, choose bar stools in a Riviera or bistro style. Riviera stools combine color and texture using durable woven materials, especially on the seats. They come in an endless selection of colors and patterns to match any décor scheme. Riviera chairs have a similar texture to wicker but are usually softer and smoother. Choose high back stools in vibrant colors to set the perfect mood when entertaining.


Combining two different materials, like wood and metal, in a bar stool design creates an industrial look. This style gives a modern touch to any space, with most designs offering sharp lines and a distressed finish, and also goes great with entrance console tables. A slightly weathered look is great for bars and kitchens with high traffic, as the distressing easily hides wear and tear. Dark metal stools with a lighter wood seat effortlessly create an industrial atmosphere without being too flashy. Mixed material bar stools come in any combination. Current trends include mixing metal legs with a leather seat, or an iron base with a soft upholstery cushion.


Bentwood bar stools are also known as x-back stools, due to the cross-shaped pattern on the back of the chair portion. As the name suggests, they are made of bent wood, and they are available in assorted finishes. Bentwood stools fit seamlessly in with other furniture in your bar or kitchen. They’re also easy to clean and very sturdy. Choose a dark finish to create drama against a light countertop or select a lighter wood for a more rustic look and feel.

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