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How to Enhance your Home with Bar Stools

Although they might not be the first item your mind jumps to when you think of a well-designed, stylish home, bar stools can make a huge aesthetic impact to your space!

They are the perfect piece to marry style and function in so many different areas of your home. If you’re looking to add an extra something to your bedroom, kitchen, dining room or living room, the humble bar stool is the way to go! Here’s exactly how you can enhance your space with the help of a few barstools.


The kitchen is not traditionally the design centre of the home, instead, this room focuses heavily on the general functionality of cooking. However, you can introduce a few stylistic elements to bring some excitement and interest to cooking and casual mealtimes.

If you love a contemporary or artistic look, consider adding some colourful contrast to the room by adding some bold, colourful barstools! Backless styles will work perfectly with the clean aesthetic of a contemporary home.

Place your stools next to your kitchen island for a striking breakfast bar that will brighten up your whole family’s morning. 

Living room

Bar stools in the living room, you say? Why yes, that’s right! Bar stools can really up the social, intimate undertone of a living room and make it more of a focus. Instead of adding to your sofa set with armchairs or ottomans, use some upholstered bar stools!

These are still going to be comfortable and harmonic with your other furniture, but they are slightly more modern and visually interesting. For more multifunctionality, select an iron or wooden bar stools (both perfect for an industrial style living room!) and use them both as stools when needed and as side tables when they’re not!


Bar stools make amazing bedside tables! This is unconventional but it looks incredibly cool and creative, so it’s absolutely worth giving a try if you have a bohemian, industrial or rustic style home.

Grab a bar stool with back support to avoid your bold choice looking like a side table that’s too tall to be next to your bed!

Select a characteristic, warm reclaimed timber to up the comfort factor of your bedroom and embellish with green leafy plants, a decorative tile coaster and even an artwork leaning against the backrest! For a more eclectic look, drape a crocheted or beaded textile over the back.

Dining room

A casual dining room looks fantastic with fabric dining chairs instead of bar stools. A classic or shabby chic style room will massively benefit from the addition of unfinished or roughly painted creamy wood bar stools!

For a minimalist home, contrast a white table with glossy black bar stools, and for a bohemian household select a set of entirely different, mismatched styles.

You can really set the tone of the dining room with your bar stools, so be creative and explore your options until you find something that you feel reflects your home and your family!

Home office

If you ever plan on hosting clients in your home office, you should definitely consider grabbing one or two bar stools for space.

Choose a clean neutral to keep with the business tone of the room, you can use them as plant stands are storage for stationery when you don’t have clients in!

You could also consider swapping your chair out for a bar stool every now and then, a backless model will encourage you to engage your core and improve your posture which is good for everyone from time to time.

How to Enhance your Home with Bar Stools