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How to Deal with Panic Disorder at Work?


Panic Disorders are immensely common among individuals these days. Some of you might experience mild panic attacks, which can often go unnoticed. In contrast, others may experience extreme panic attacks that can interfere with their day to day tasks. Dealing with panic attacks at home or with friends is much easier as compared to dealing with it at work.

So if you are one of those individuals who experience regular panic attacks and have serious panic disorders, then you have landed at the right spot. Today in this article, we are going to be looking at some of the hacks and tips that can help you deal with your panic disorder at work. So let us go ahead and look at them in detail.

1. Focus on your breathing

The moment one begins to experience an anxiety disorder, the first thing that you would notice is a change in your breathing pattern. Your breathing will slow down, become erratic or rapid depending on your condition. What you need to understand here is that your brain is the most metabolically active organ in your body. So the minute the oxygen supply slows down, it goes into the fight or flight mood and leads to more fear and panic.

It is not easy. You won’t be able to grasp your breath the next minute, so don’t expect it to work like that. Instead, you will need to practice a lot of breathing techniques.  You can search for them on the internet, or you can ask a professional to help you with it.

Try breathing in and breathing out. Try to set a pattern, so the required level of oxygen is supplied to your brain. Once your brain has the oxygen that it needs, your heart rate will slow down over time, and you will begin to have more control over your body. The best thing that you can do is to go to a quiet place and practice your breathing when experiencing such a disorder at work.

2. Don’t leave your place

Unless your panic attacks are linked to any physical disorders, never leave your workplace to manage them. Most of us experience a panic attack at work due to stress, pressure, and deadlines in most cases or just a strict boss. Well, running away every time will not help you and can cost you your job as well.

So instead, try to work on the problem. Come up with techniques to manage your work efficiently to keep the stress and pressure down. If you still experience a panic attack, find some relaxing place in your office. Go there to gather yourself back up and face the workplace challenges that lie ahead.

Plus, leaving the workplace in such a state can put you in danger as well. At least there are people around you at work that can help you in case you need medical assistance. So try to cope up with the surroundings and adapt to them to feel safe when having a panic attack.

3. Ask a friend for help

We all have friends at the workplace because without them getting by the day would be practically impossible. So tell your friends about your panic disorder and help them understand the condition so they can help you every time you are experiencing an attack.

The thing about panic attacks is that they don’t hit extreme right away. They gradually go up and then come down. So the moment to realize that you might be having a panic attack, move over to your friend and ask him or her to stay with you until you feel better.

4. Write down your thoughts

Certain factors at work can lead to panic attacks. You can either try to get rid of them, but if they are not in your control, then the best way to deal with them is to write down your thoughts. If your boss is rude to you, write down how you feel instead of holding it all inside, waiting for it to blow up in front of everyone.

Writing your thoughts down can help you figure out what is bothering you the most. It can also help you figure out the solution to the problem in some instances. So keep a writing pad by your side, and every time you experience something overwhelming, simply write it down in your notebook.

5. Talk to your superior

Sometimes it is best to speak to your superior about your panic disorder. They might be concerned as to why you leave the office without any notice every now and then. It would be best to tell your superior if your panic attacks are serious, and your doctor has recommended medication for you. You should also tell if you just smoke CBD cigarettes to keep your feelings in place. They might be able to help you with it.

6. Get Professional Help

Don’t start taking Delta-8 to tackle your panic disorders just because you read it on the internet. Yes, THC has been known to help with stress, pressure, and a number of mental disorders, but consuming it in an uncontrolled manner can be highly harmful as well. So before you go ahead and try that out, please consult a professional. Ask them what diagnosis would be best for you to maintain your strong physique and still be able to manage your condition effectively.