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How a Triple Monitor Laptop Setup Can Enhance Your Online Learning Experience

Online learning has existed for a long time; as far back as the 1989’s and 1990’s was when online classes started. Before then, all teaching and learning was done in person or through books. A lot has changed over the years, and people have adapted, but nothing has prepared us enough for the COVID-19 pandemic—it has increased the need for online learning.


To keep up with the times, learning organizations put much more weight behind online learning than they used to. It has created more opportunities for those who do not have the luxury of time (for genuine reasons) to participate in full-time physical learning. This is good because you can join in and learn almost anything anywhere with your digital device.  However, it could also be limiting. Yes, single screens could be limiting when it comes to online learning—for the teachers and the students.

For instance, a typical software for live online learning is Zoom. If a teacher were to use Zoom with a single monitor screen, they would have to go on and off the software, checking digital notes and all, to have a good class. If we flipped the scenario, the student would have to go in and out of the application to have a good experience in the class.

Whereas if they had extra screens, all they—teacher and student—had to do was simply have other applications open on the secondary screen(s). At the same time, their Zoom class continued uninterrupted on the primary screen. One issue with a setup with extra screens is its cost. Another is that it is not portable, which almost defeats one online learning purpose. But don't worry. The Mobile Pixels Trio Trio triple portable monitor for laptops solves this problem. 

Is Trio triple portable?

The Trio triple portable monitor for laptop is a laptop screen extender that allows you to add two extra portable screens to your laptop. It comes with adjustments that you can latch onto your laptop as you learn. You should check it out. Before we explore how it enhances learning, let's talk about why online learning is the way to go.

Perks of online learning

While learning online has many benefits, we'll touch on three.

  1. You can learn at your own pace.
  2. It's cheaper than physical school.
  3. You can take classes from anywhere.


How can a triple monitor laptop setup help enhance it?

Here are some ways a triple portable monitor for laptops can help make your learning a better experience:

You can quickly check resources as you learn 

Say you have your primary screen (laptop screen) on with a video playing from it; you can easily pull up a file or tab on a different screen to check through a reference that was made. Or if, for instance, you were taking a course that requires hands-on practice, you could watch from one screen and practice immediately on another. It saves you the stress of minimizing apps or tabs every single time.

You get to do assignments faster.

When you use the triple portable monitor for laptops, you work faster. Assignments are not avoidable when it comes to learning (either onsite or online). Assignments stretch you and help teach you logical, reasoning, and creativity skills. When assignments are doled out, you need to be able to do your research and figure out the solution to whatever problem you are assigned. Thankfully, the triple portable monitor for your laptop gives you additional screens to spread these different tasks across screens. What if the task assigned was a group task? That takes us to the next point.

You can collaborate better.

In group discussions or tasks, you want to share ideas or whatever is on your mind. Since it is a virtual platform, it requires a different approach. An example is sharing your screen if what you want to communicate is better visualized. The triple portable monitor for laptops allows you to keep your communication tab (e.g., zoom) on a screen while gathering your thoughts and sharing them on a different screen. See, better collaboration.


You can learn anywhere.

Imagine how burdensome it would be to carry two extra desktop monitors everywhere you go just to get an immersive learning experience. One aim of online learning would be defeated. But, since the triple portable monitor for laptops can be folded together, put in a bag, and assembled at will, it gives you the advantage of enhanced learning. 


Times change, and the learning experience has evolved from only physical learning. Since online education is here to stay, it is best that we learn under the best conditions. One thing that would help improve our learning experience is the presence of extra screens. The triple portable monitor for laptops allows you to carry your learning experience from place to place with screens that can be attached to your laptop. You give it a try, and yes, take that course!