Guide to the Perfect Meal Plan
July 24, 2020

Guide to the Perfect Meal Plan

The primary hindrance to healthy meals is the confusion of whether the calories you consume are right for you or not! And many times, you end up eating bundles of sausages without even knowing if they should be a part of your perfect meal plan?

Well, I understand your craving instinct makes you do that, but to attain an excellent healthy figure, it is necessary to get already your eyes set upon the best meal plan that could help you achieve your fitness goals.

FOR YOUR MOTIVATION: There are plenty of benefits associated with meal planning! This is a tried and tested strategy and gives guaranteed results if adopted with consistency. 😊

In this article today, I have compiled a guide for different meals and drinks that you can add to your daily eating routine and look healthier than ever before! Check these out right below!


I understand that in today’s world, where literally everything revolves around food, treating your taste buds with a slightly different meal will be difficult initially. But as you proceed, and gear up your journey' you automatically get adjusted to the healthy lifestyle!


Leafy food like spinach, broccoli, and other dark green vegetables have a very sound impact on your physical fitness. If solely, green leaves do not satisfy your hunger, no worries. Take them as appetizers, and then there will be very little space left in your tummy to consume a proper meal.

It's usually better to take them boiled, but the addition of salt and pepper would be great for your taste. Remember not to cook them in oil for so long, or else you will destroy all the healthy nutrients that they were going to carry into your body.

Fibrous drinks are also very healthy and are generally taken after a long morning walk. You can shuffle your morning tea with such beverages, and trust me, and you are going to notice a clean change in your eating habit, throughout the day.


Brown rice, brown loaves of bread, and oatmeal are yet another great option to select while preparing your perfect meal plan. Many of you would not like a grainy food all over your table, so to spice it up, you can add peanut butter to your brown bread. Do not consider adding a chocolate sauce or Nutella, or else you are going to spoil your entire calorie chart.

You can also consider using low-fat cheese, by melting it upon your brown bread and consuming it twice a week. But, do not exceed the limit! Be sure of staying within the boundaries and take into account the famous proverb, Excess of everything is terrible!

TIP ALERT: If you do not like whole grains or oatmeal, you can try other supplements to cover up their deficiency in your meal plan. Keep in a reasonable notice that supplements like turmeric pills or cinnamon powder should always be taken in a limited amount. Do not make yourself addicted to such substitutes, though taking them once in a while would not harm you in any way!


I know all of us are addicted to evening or midnight snacks. To convince yourself not to eat a large portion of meals, take a small bowl, and add a limited amount of snacks. Spread yogurt all over the chips bowl.

This tip works great for those who do not realize how many disbenefits you are doing to yourself when immersed in reading a book or watching your favorite show and eating the entire box of chips!

Low-fat yogurt can be eaten along with other meals to make your metabolism system faster and let lesser fats accumulate into your body. If you do not like yogurt, any other dairy product or a diary drink will work great too. Try it out!


Did someone say desserts? Just now, you need to remove this concept of 'No desserts for a fit body' from your mind because there do exist healthy sweet meals to satisfy your sweet tooth!

And trust me, they taste much better than the traditional desserts. Apple pie is a heavy calorie dish that must be avoided if you are on a healthy diet and setting up your perfect meal plan. However, in its place, you can choose to go for baked apples with nuts sprinkled. Sounds delicious, no?

Try it out for once in the kitchen. You can be more creative with fruits and prepare a fruit salad coated with low-fat yogurt. A mango trifle containing low amounts of sugar once in a while can also be added to your plan.


Are you bored of benefitting your body by eating fruits, vegetables, and grains all day? Now is the time to add up some lean protein portions to your meal plan. You can either choose to go for beef, pork, or even chicken. But you know what would work best? SEAFOOD! Seafood stays low on the stomach and gives you the right amount of protein, iron, iodine, and ammonia that your body must be provided with. 

A dry salmon steak on a Saturday night can be a treat to yourself after a tiring weekend. You can also choose to go for a roasted turkey, or merely some boiled eggs every day in your morning meal. Eggs will keep you full and simultaneously provide you with plenty of proteins as well.


That is all from my side, for composing the perfect meal plan for a healthy and fit body. So what are you waiting for now? I was hoping you could fill up your menu sheet considering all the fibrous and nutritious food I mentioned above.

If you get bored of the same meal plan for every week, try shifting to other better options that you can opt for. Such as, taking yogurt coupled with snacks can be replaced with a soy beverage in the evening! Mix and match, and form an exciting combination of your favorite food ingredients. Best of luck, shifting to a healthy eating routine!