Organize Your Garage
September 14, 2020

Easiest Steps to Help You Properly Organize Your Garage

The biggest complaint people have when it comes to their garages is that they are a complete mess. Disorganized garages become counterproductive to their purpose when you let the mess and junk pile up, taking away precious storage space.

This issue can turn your supposed storage area into a chore to clean. Sometimes, it can get so bad that you can't park your car in the garage. If you need help reclaiming your garage and making it work as a storage space, these tips can improve your home's potential. Sometimes it's better to just start over. If you are looking to replace your garage, these Hobart made garages are high quality and can be custom made to suit your needs.

Throw out any useless stuff.

Whether you simply can't part with something or you feel like you might find a use for it, you likely have a lot of junk piling up in your garage. It could be an old tool, a broken lamp, or literally garbage with no place there. Whatever it is, throw it out immediately. The quicker you start tossing the useless stuff, the faster you'll start to see space clear up for the necessities.

Prioritize what stays in the garage.

Following on that note, you need to think about what actually belongs in the garage. Old children’s toys? Unused appliances? Clothing bins? None of this stuff should be taking up space in the garage. The most important things to keep in your garage will always be power tools (unless you have toolshed), automotive equipment and parts, or sporting goods (again, unless you have a storage bin or shed in your backyard). Everything else in your garage is just there, taking up valuable space.

Invest in proper storage equipment.

Some people just let things lay around the garage, which poses a tripping hazard and is possibly infuriating to clean up. Overhead storage racks are a good call because they are accessible, but out of the way, and the experts of Garage Storage Solutions Phoenix AZ highlight the need for a clear garage space. Similarly, cabinets, stands, or wall racks work well for hanging tools in easy to reach spots when doing any handy work. Your garage is just as much a part of your home as a living room, so make it as organized as one.

Start small.

Last but not least, you want to start your organization duties small and work your way up. You can't expect to install a new storage system right away, but you can make room for it when you're ready.

Sweep, mop, dust, throw out trash, and clean the garage space first before you start to implement big changes. Likewise, you can make a visual plan of what to do and how you'd like the layout to look, so you have a frame of reference for your organization plan.

Turning your garage from a dumping ground into space you can be proud of is a simple task. Making a plan, prioritizing what you want to store there, getting the proper storage equipment, and beginning with small tasks will allow you to properly and effectively reclaim your messy garage.

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Organize Your Garage