How To Store Tools – Best Storage Ideas
March 29, 2019

How To Store Tools – Best Storage Ideas

How To Store Tools – Best Storage Ideas

You can never think of a workshop or garage without tools. Even for household chores, a set of hand tools or power tools will relieve you in a number of ways. In every garage and workshop and many houses, therefore, tools are common stuff.

Instead of storing them at one or more certain places in an organized way, most of the people used to keep their tools and equipment all around their houses they tend to be very messy and lose their lifespan if we do not use and store them properly.

On the other hand, by maintaining and storing them in a proper way, you will find the tools in good working order and efficient like the best tools as they were bought. They will pay you back continuously for a long time as the favor.

Keeping the tools clean and well-maintained is very necessary and the key to getting the maximum utility from them. Moreover, most of the time, people don’t have a large space to work. Well-organized sets of tools may ensure much space and a better environment.

Where You Can Store Your Tools

You can store your tools at different places in a number of ways, including:

  • DIY Pegboards - It is one of the most familiar ways to store your tools and equipment. You can organize and store almost all type of tools in a single shed. It won’t cost too much to buy the stuff necessary to make a DIY Pegboard. The board may cost something around $50 if the size is 5”x3” and the mounting hardware may charge something between $30 to $50 dollars. Pegboard holes and angled hooks can store the wrenches and washers; they also can hold the wires and support a number of small shelves that can accommodate a good number of tools.
  • Suspended Jar Organizers - These are another way of storing your tools. But it has a limitation as you cannot accommodate a good number of tools in a suspended jar unless they are too way large. You can store mainly the smaller tools inside these jars. To store big size equipment like an oscillating tool or saw, you have to think another way, not the suspended jar organizers. And, if you want to store a good number of tools, then you must arrange some more jars.
  • Tube Cable Organizers - There is no house where you can’t see wires and cables bunched up randomly. Getting them in order and storing accordingly is an easy task. What you have to do is roll it up like toilet paper rolling paper towel rolling on cardboard holder and place them in a box or drawer. Take a cord or cable of any measurement and wrap them separately.
  • Magnetic Tool Holders - As most of the tools are metal made, so using magnetic tool holders to store them is definitely a good idea. Magnetic power does make sense in case of holding the tools, inter alia, screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, and metal paint brushes on any counter or table magnetically powered by a magnetic strip. One thing you must ensure that the holder must have the capacity to hold some weight (per inch around 30 lbs. capacity). You can easily install, use, and access these systems.
  • PVC Pipe Holders - Cut the PVC pipes, e.g. flat, according to your storage necessity and attach them to any wall using drywall screws or use glue. This is a good option for storage various thin tools such as paint brushes, screwdrivers, pencils, etc.
  • Kitchen Re-Purposing - You can re-use the stuff of a kitchen when it goes through renovation. The suspended object, for instance, a kitchen cabinet, can be a good place where you can store numerous tools and other equipment.

Storage Tips

As you know the easiest and most effective ways of storing your tools, you must keep the following tips in your concern always when you store them:

  • Follow the instructions by the manufacturer for the tools
  • Completely clean them off
  • Use their original cases
  • Spend the money for sturdy and well-shaped storage containers
  • Ensure the storage place dry and safe
  • Go vertical

Last Words

Keep the explained tool storage ideas in your mind but never think these are the exhaustive ways to be followed. Interestingly, you can find some new ways by yourself if you put some concern considering the type of tool. What you need to do is never forget the safety issues and the tips said above. Happy storing!

Keep these tool storage ideas and tips in mind, and your tool collection will be organized and accessible for that next home project, whether it’s something big like putting an addition on your home or simply just finally fixing that leaky faucet!


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