Discover the Best Cribs of 2022
March 02, 2022

Discover the Best Cribs of 2022

Creating a nursery for your new baby is an extraordinary joy. Colors, textures, and themes are whims of your imagination as you plan for the arrival of the newest family member. The focal point of the new space will be a crib. What do you envision? Is a natural wood crib right for you? Would a mid-century aesthetic work with your home’s décor? An acrylic design?

Beyond what it looks like, incorporating safety and durability in the furniture you choose is an overriding consideration. The crib and changing table are non-negotiables in a functioning nursery, and likely the starting points as you design the baby’s room.

Babies sleep like crazy. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation says newborns should get 14 – 17 hours of sleep per day. But it’s not unusual for some babies to sleep 18 – 19 hours daily! Investing in a safe, sturdy, quality crib is a no-brainer. And since you will log countless hours in the nursery, too, make it look lovely.

Safety Comes First

Before buying any crib, check with The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to make sure the model (or the manufacturer) has no recalls. This government agency is responsible for national consumer safety, and manufacturers must meet the standards it sets. Obviously, you want your chosen crib to conform to safety protocols. All cribs made after 2011 must meet strict safety guidelines.

Another place to check for verified safety is the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association). Search through their certified product directory to see if the crib you love is there. JPMA issues a certification seal to products it deems safe.

Crib Research

The market offers so many choices when it comes to cribs. Ask yourself a few questions before you start to shop to save precious time and energy.

  •         What is your budget? The range for cribs is all over the map. From “free” hand-me-down cribs to a $79 model, to a high-end $10,000 crib … and everything in between.
  •         Next, consider the space you have available. Cribs come in all sizes.
  •         Safety. It bears repeating! Check the sites to make sure the cribs you like pass safety standards.

A little long-term thinking is also smart.

  •         Will you use a bassinet? If so, note the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends moving your baby to a larger bed by six months of age.
  •         Do you want a crib to convert into a daybed, toddler bed, full-size bed?
  •         Is an adjustable mattress to accommodate your baby’s growth in the crib design?
  •         What about a changing table and crib combined?



There are even more standards for crib compliance! It is super reassuring to know manufacturers are held to exacting standards in terms of crib safety. Now onto environmental compliance.

With all the hours the baby spends in the crib, what chemicals, if any, is your little one exposed to? Any crib sold in the United States must comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). ASTM is a global alliance, so rest assured (pun intended) the materials from foreign manufacturers must also make the grade. These standards specifically regulate the use of chemicals in wood finish, wood composites, and glue used in manufacturing.

Furthermore, another certification to look for is Greenguard Gold: Another testing agency whose mission is to reduce indoor air pollution and chemical exposure.

Let’s Shop

As a starting point in your search, let’s take a look at a few styles from Nestig. Their collection is designed to grow with your child from infant to toddler. The cribs are gorgeous and include fun colors and shapes that deviate from what you might imagine a standard crib to be. Think sophisticated, modern, but darling for a baby.

Nestig is a cool company. They do not mass produce their product. Instead, theirs is a “no-inventory” model: cribs are crafted as needed. Each of their cribs is made using locally reforested wood from harvests in Brazil. The cribs are not manufactured by machines, but by craftsman. All of them are JPMA certified.

The Wave Crib

This beautiful natural wood crib has five-star reviews across the board. Also, available in white. Lockable wheels make it stand out. This convenient feature allows you to safely move the crib around the house with you throughout the day. You can have this crib at your bedside, and then wheel it to the breakfast nook for a morning nap. And it’s a multi-tasker, changing from a mini to full crib, then again to a toddler bed, as your baby grows. Bonus: mini-crib mattress is included.

$599, Nestig

The Candy Cloud Crib

The name alone is filled with intrigue and delight. The Nestig Candy Cloud Collection used the imagery of a birthday cake and its resplendent colors for inspiration in designing this grouping of products. Think natural wood in dreamy colors: mint, black licorice, bluebell, cotton candy blue. Again, this crib changes from a mini crib to a full crib, then to a toddler bed as your baby grows (the mini-crib mattress is included).

$599, Nestig

The Mountain Crib

This is a pretty combination of light wood bars paired with a solid white crib. This durable crib converts to a toddler bed. And the price point is lower than other models.

$499, Nestig

The Snow Crib

As the name implies, this crib is all white. The design has oval accented siding, creating a unique look. Unlike what we have seen thus far, this crib goes from bassinet to full crib and then to toddler bed. Again, the mini crib mattress is included with purchase.

$599, Nestig

Parsing through interior design for your baby’s nursery will provide tons of creative solutions for your needs. Making a real-life nursery come true to your dream vision can be simple and affordable. Remember to think of safety first when shopping for cribs. The truth is you can find an astounding collection of beautiful cribs on the market. Stay within an overall budget, sure, but do not skimp on the main pieces. Sturdiness, sustainability, fine craftsmanship, beautiful aesthetics are all possible. Have fun creating the safest, loveliest space for your baby to slumber.

Discover the Best Cribs of 2022