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When Can You Start Buying Things For Your Baby?

Finding out that you're pregnant is one of the happiest moments of some women's life! The joy that soon-to-be parents could seem incomparable, leading to intense excitement of preparing the baby's necessities even before they are born.

But most women wouldn't recommend this as factors could affect the things you'd have to buy. For instance, by looking into the uniquebabystore.co.uk website, you'd quickly notice that there is a broad market for baby stuff which could assure you that you have more than enough time to consider a practical approach.

Newborn baby hampers offer a thoughtful array of essentials and adorable items to welcome the newest addition to the family.

When can I buy them?

Of course, we do understand that waiting could be frustrating at times. Yet, most women made the option first to hit their 12 weeks mark or after their first trimester before splurging their money in purchasing their baby supplies. As they are now aware of the baby's gender, hence, could buy a gender-specific supply like clothes.

However, a few people still hold on to the superstitious belief that purchasing these things is bad luck and refrains from doing so until they're over 32 weeks into pregnancy, especially if they've been planning a baby shower event!

At this point, we recommend that the couple keep a registry of the baby items they think they need once the baby has been born. Though they could expect to receive several essential items as gifts during the event, so if you're a huge party planner, a registry could help you track any duplicates and return the item to the store if it's still possible.

What to do during first trimester

In this period, we highly encourage you and your partner to save up money for the budget used to purchase your baby's essentials, given that it's easy to get caught in the moment, so having a spending limit could give you a realistic view on the situation.

What's more is that setting aside a specific amount would help you make the most of the money by only buying the necessary kind and number of clothes, which are, after all, affected by your house's location.

Aside from these, it'll be wise to stockpile consumables, such as toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent, conditioner, and dish soap, as these things usually cost more bucks in the long run. Moreover, having these items could ease a pregnant woman's nesting feeling months before the baby's arrival.

In case you still want to be prepared, it's a great idea to thoroughly research the best quality of baby gears, starting from cribs up to the perfect strollers, by constantly reading baby product reviews and being updated to the latest buying guides out there. Thus, helping you figure out the ballpark for the minimum and maximum spending limit as well as being informed of the safe and dangerous product materials for your baby.

What about during the second trimester?

At this point, you're better off purchasing big-ticket items from your registry, including a baby crib, stroller, and nursery glider. Yet, it's still ideal to prepare a suitable nursery theme prior to the baby's delivery now that you've probably found out the gender of the baby.

Using a theme could be useful in guiding you to pick the appropriate decor and furniture that is sure to coordinate with the set nursery design, particularly since you'd have more freedom in renovating the room with patterns, prints, and fun colors. Immediately giving a personality to a once dull-looking section of the house.

As soon as this has been taken care of, you could choose between shopping directly in the stores and having a stress-free online shopping spree. Just be wary of the shipping time, though, as third-party logistics often handles the latter, leading to the unstable delivery status either arriving earlier than expected or being delayed for weeks.

For this, it's worth a shot to organize your list. Suppose you determine that most of the priority items fall in a heavy and large category. In that case, we encourage you to opt for online shopping as you'd have more hands in moving the pieces of furniture inside your home, assuming that you've been over the decluttering process.

Typically, this period pushes many women to buy their preferred diapers for the baby, whether cloth or disposable ones.

As the rule of thumb, it's best if you purchase one case of newborn and size 1 diapers, along with baby wipes. This limit was created as your baby might have to use a specific brand of items, especially if their skin is sensitive.

Additionally, there would be no need to stock up on several cases of newborn diapers as most babies generally grow faster, so there's a tendency that you won't even notice them outgrowing the diapers you bought for them out of whim.

Some tips during the third trimester

It may be pretty stressful now that the baby's arrival is looming, but luckily for you, all you have to do by this time is to double-check the registry to ensure that nothing's missing!

These could be must-have products like clothes, lotion, nail clippers, creams, and diapers. Round up their wardrobe to make sure that burp cloths and baby bibs are within reach, plus notice that you're probably missing several baby clothes in larger sizes.

Fortunately, this has an easy fix! Just go through the nearest baby store from your home, and you'll be good to go.

Never mind if the clothes you've received are gifted by your closest friends and family or bought from the store, you have to guarantee that it's free from dirt and germs that could latch on your baby, so make sure that you pre-wash all items before clothing your baby in them. Most especially when it comes to hand-me-downs, which have likely been abandoned and stuffed somewhere in the attic or basement. And don't disregard the importance of investing in a baby car seat, as this would be the proper time to practice using them, most importantly because you wouldn't be allowed to leave the hospital without having one!

Final thoughts

We hope that this timeline was beneficial for you and gave you a better sense of the ideal time to purchase the necessary baby products. This timeline does not bind you, so you have the choice to change these suggestions based on your situation.

Before you run around the store, we recommend keeping an eye on the items your baby could use and wait until deals or promotions are made available to the public. This way, you save a few dollars by watching the market's prices and you also give yourself more time to decide if this purchase is significant or not.