Affordable Ways to Style Your Apartment
November 14, 2022

6 Chic and Affordable Ways to Style Your Apartment

Your apartment won’t feel like home until you’ve had a chance to style and decorate it to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, decorating your apartment with the perfect paintings or accessories can drag on your budget quite a bit.

On the plus side, there are chic and affordable ways to style your apartment with a little creativity; let us help you get started with six ideas.

Affordable Ways to Style Your Apartment

1. Ceiling Lights for Mood and Ambiance

Want to inspire a specific mood or ambiance in your apartment? Try stringing ceiling lights around the perimeter of your bedroom or apartment. String lights aren't just for decorating during the holidays!

Mood lighting, like red or soft yellow lights, is perfect for a romantic evening or winding down for bed. If you’re in more of a party mood, use blue or violet lights. In any case, make sure your lights complement rather than completely replace your primary light bulbs or ceiling fan lights – that way, they’re stylish accessories to the rest of your apartment, not your only sources of illumination.

For added convenience, hook up your lights to a wireless remote or make sure the light control is within easy reach (so you don’t have to get on a stool to turn them off).

2. Make a DIY Display of Your Art

Have an artistic streak? Why not make a DIY display of all your art pieces? Not only is this affordable, but it’s perfectly chic and a great way to demonstrate your personality to guests, roommates, and significant others.

For instance, you can put up a painting or portrait you did above a dresser, then set up your other art projects alongside or beneath it. This impromptu display can even serve as your first art showing if you’re still a little shy about contacting art galleries to display your work professionally! 

3. Floating Shelves and Kitchen Accessories

It can be tough to store everything in your kitchen or living room stylishly. But you can style your apartment smartly by taking advantage of floating shelves and by implementing hooks for your kitchen accessories.

Imagine hanging your pots and pans above your apartment kitchen island or above the sink. Or imagine using floating shelves to store potted plants, statues, and framed photos of your friends and family members. Floating shelves and hooks for your kitchen accessories are both smart ways to affordably style your apartment and save space: a key concern if your apartment has very limited square footage.

No matter what shelves or hooks you use, just make sure not to load them with too much weight. If your pots and pans are very heavy, for example, continue to store them under the counter until you have a home of your own, where you can install heavy-duty nails and hooks.

4. Decorative Greens

Decorative plants and greens are great for your mental health and for making your apartment home feel more vibrant or alive. To lean more into the chic aesthetic, consider planting and maintaining easy indoor vine plants like English ivy with spade-shaped leaves or Pothos with heart-shaped leaves.

Both of these plants and more grow on vines, so they are perfect for adorning dressers, countertops, and windowsills alongside other decorations that fit your fancy. Plus, many of them are easy to maintain and barely require any watering; just make sure you place them in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight!

5. A Plush Rug in the Center

Rugs can really tie your room together, especially if you have a small apartment with only a few distinct areas. Get the right rug to match your living room furniture, like your shelf or favorite chair, and your apartment will instantly feel more consciously styled and accessorized without having to break the bank.

To hedge your bets against spilled drinks or pet messes, consider picking up a washable rug instead of another option. Washable rugs can be thrown in your clothes washer just like your dirty laundry, making them easy to clean regularly. The right washable rug will keep your apartment looking and smelling great for months to come.

6. Throw Pillows

Lastly, remember that throw pillows are perfect accessories and stylish add-ons for any apartment. That’s partially due to their versatility. You can toss throw pillows on your sofa or on your favorite chair, including your computer chair, and they will fit right in.

Plus, you can swap out throw pillows for different colors or styles depending on the season. In this way, throw pillows are great ways to style your apartment seasonally or to participate in holiday festivities without completely redecorating your apartment from top to bottom. On top of all that, throw pillows are super comfy; what’s not to like?

There you have it – six easy ways to style your apartment to make it warm and welcoming for yourself and other guests.