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8 Enthralling Tips For a Comfortable Living Room

We spend hundreds of hours lazing in the living room watching Netflix, playing video games and entertaining guests. For this reason, we ought to make this place welcoming, cozy and warm for everyone. We have six awesome ideas that will help you plan and decorate your living room to achieve maximum comfort and warmth.

Contrast the space

Once you start thinking of your living room, throw away all convectional ideas. Think beyond matching wall colors and your furniture. To get that comfortable feeling you need to take care of minor details like wall arts, book shelves, floor mats and window blinds. A master stroke in contrasting your living room is adding a wooden ceiling fan preferably one that comes with a dimmable light.

Arrange your furniture uniquely

Make your room more cozy by providing for plenty seating options. Its boring to hunker down in the same sofa every day. Try getting some arm chairs, cozy seats and a reclining chair. This gives you and your guests an option. Arrange the chairs nicely such that one does not have to turn over to have a chat with others. Ensure you leave plenty of walking area too.

Having a coffee table is an awesome idea as it adds some uniqueness to your room. You can go for a wooden table or a glass table. If your room is big enough, you can have soft throw pillows that you can sit on.

Personalize the room

It is very easy to rush to a nearby store and get numerous wall hangings for your living room. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, you might end up having a show room. To get the desired look, figure out what you really need. Avoid window shopping and buying from a single shop as your variety will be limited.

You can also go through your photos and pick a few that light up the room. You should however be careful not to crowd the room with your snapshots. With a mixture of assorted artworks and a few mounted pictures you will have your wow room.

Work from a focal point

You will notice that your eyes focus on a certain item every time you enter the room. That is your rooms focal point. This can be a television set, large fireplace, indoor water fountain or a unique painting that you recently bought.

Once you identify your focal point, make the area surrounding it appealing. Just make sure that the color and other decorative materials you add blend in. if you have had a focal point for some time, it could be time to do a makeover to get a fresh new look.

Get the texture right

Coziness and comfort comes with the feel of the material used around the house. It feels odd to snuggle in a throw pillow whose material feels like plastic. Invest in some soft materials for your rugs, throw pillows, seat covers and anything else in the room. Be careful with the colors as some look rough. Your guests will shy away from such colors. To improve the look of your coffee table, get a nice looking book and place it on top.

Pick a color palette of your choice

You might want to consult an interior designer to give you a guide on your choice of colors. You can go for monochromatic styles that use just one color or get several complementary colors. The starting point is to have a color of choice, then seeing how it willblend with other colors that you intend to use. Our Ninja advice to you – don’t blend dull colors in your living room. You don’t want to have a dull day or night in your own home do you?

Rethink of your lighting

To get that inviting atmosphere in your living room, you need to work on your lighting. There is a unique feel that comes with well done lighting.

You can think in the line of installing accent lighting or placing unique floor lamps in the room. Even if everything else is wrong in the room, a perfect lighting system will fix it all as it will sooth you and your guests with that soft cozy glow. Key area to think of is the wattage of the bulbs used as you do not want to double your power bills overnight. Where possible go for LED bulbs for your lighting overhaul.

For the overhead lighting, you can settle for a ceiling fan with a light. This will make your ceiling less congested and give you a nice sight. There are fans that come with several dimmable lights that will give your room a modern look.

Buy a decent couch

The reason why most people hang around the living room is the couch. It is simply the heartbeat of the living room. Guest will tend to linger around more in a room with an inviting couch. You also want to curl up in a warm and cozy couch after a long day in the fields or your work station. For this reason you ought to buy a comfortable and beautiful couch. It does not have to be the most expensive couch around, no, just make sure that it is well made and with the right materials. Alternatively you can get your old couch refurbished with better materials and it will save your on cost. If you have some coins to spare go for the best couch in the market and you will get a fancy look.

Final words

Happiness and comfort do not just happen, you make them. We highlighted some key items that you can work on and get that comfortable living room that you have been dreaming about. It will cost you some time and money but it will be worth it at the end. You can keep researching for more ideas that will deliver a unique living room online or by physically visiting your friends and seeing what they have done. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you found intriguing and we will add it up in our list.

8 Enthralling Tips For a Comfortable Living Room


8 Enthralling Tips For a Comfortable Living Room