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4 Qualities To Look For In A Wedding Videographer

For some people, wedding photography and videography are pretty similar. However, when you dissect them to their core, you’ll realize that those two are very different. The latter takes more planning because a wedding videographer’s work involves more movement. 

A good videographer can come up not just with a video of your wedding but a heartwarming film that captures some of the deepest, most raw moments that make up a day full of love and happiness. 

Like photos, a wedding video is forever. And watching it with your children and grandchildren someday makes it more meaningful. Hence, it’s important to choose your wedding videographer wisely. You can look at their portfolio or past work to see if they can bring your vision to life. 

If you’re in Canada, you can search online for a reliable Vancouver wedding videographer or ask your friends for recommendations. Here are some tips to learn more about the qualities to look for in a wedding videographer.

Wedding Videographer

Honesty & Integrity  

A wedding videographer’s technical skills are given. After all, they don’t just automatically become one overnight. They must love taking videos and learning to incorporate technology to enhance their footage. As you place importance on their technical skills, don’t forget that soft skills like honesty and integrity are equally vital.

Don’t risk having your wedding ruined by hiring a shady videographer. Not only will you be wasting your money and time, but the quality of your wedding video will be compromised. Also, if they’re dishonest and lack integrity, they might not be able to deliver on their promises for your wedding day. 

Considering the abundance of videographers in the industry, it’s a non-negotiable requirement for you to do research. Assess how your face-to-face encounter went, and see if there are any red flags. If you sense any, it’s best to follow your gut instinct and search for another one. 

Most importantly, you can’t go wrong with asking for recommendations from friends and family members who’ve hired wedding videographers before. They can give you the most honest reviews on whether or not a particular wedding videographer is indeed a reliable one. 

A Beautiful Portfolio 

This second one is perhaps one of the most obvious things you shouldn’t ignore. Take time to go through each potential wedding videographer’s portfolio. Each couple has whims and preferences about what they want for their wedding. When going through their portfolio, factor all those down. 

Significantly, quality isn’t just the only aspect for you to focus on. You also have to assess the style of the videos to check if it matches your vision for your wedding. 

Strong Communication Skills 

Strong communication skills aren’t only limited to talking. It should also be construed as actively listening to their client. When a videographer doesn’t exhibit good communication skills, miscommunication can happen. Consequently, your expectations won’t be met, and conflict may ensue. 

As you meet with each prospective videographer, observe how they talk to you as a client. Do they rush you? Or do they take the time to listen to what you have to say? You shouldn’t feel rushed, as this means that the photographer doesn’t care enough for their clients. 

Furthermore, you can also judge their communication skills by how they deal with and talk to their team members. Suppose your wedding is quite big. Therefore, the videographer needs to have more team members to cover the event. 

If your chosen videographer has communication issues, it’s more likely that misunderstandings might take place. When this happens, you’ll risk the quality of your wedding video.

Wedding Videographer

Physical Strength And Stamina 

Taking videos for the entire day is a physically exhausting task. Hence, ensuring that the videographer you hire has enough physical strength and stamina means assessing their potential fitness levels. They don’t need to be skinny or good-looking—they have to be fit. Wedding videography requires lifting equipment and fast movements. 

A frail wedding videographer won’t have enough energy to finish the whole day. Also, they may be unable to take enough video footage of your special event. Worse, they may miss out on some of the most memorable moments as they had to sit and rest instead. Therefore, your chosen wedding videographer should look like someone who can do the part.   


Wedding videographers don’t just shoot and edit footage. They wear many hats throughout your busy wedding day. Whether it’s a grand or intimate wedding, there are plenty of raw emotions to capture. A good videographer knows exactly how not to miss out on any of those moments.

Consider the list above, so you can have a wedding video that tugs at your heartstrings and sends lots of emotions through.