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How Many Hours Should We Hire A Wedding Photographer For?

Your wedding photography is one of the most important parts of the day. Sorting your photography needs early will save you from a last-minute rush and also give you time to choose the finest available Jewish wedding photographer. Hiring an excellent photographer, however, isn’t all that you need to capture memories that’ll last a lifetime.

They might ask for how many hours you’ll be needing their services. If you are working within a budget, choosing the right number of hours to hire your photographer for can save you some money, but it can also hurt your expectations if the party extends far beyond the hours you’ve booked them for. In this article, we will be considering the common choices made by couples and what to consider before making your decision.

How Many Hours Should We Hire A Wedding Photographer For?

Hiring Your Photographer For 6 Hours

Six hours sounds like a lot of time, especially when you are seated in the waiting room hoping to get called on for your dental appointment. However, for a wedding ceremony, time does fly by quickly. A six-hour wedding photography service may work fine if you are looking to spend the least possible amount on this aspect of your event. This option is also perfect for small weddings with a few friends and family present. For example, this San Francisco City Hall photographer can help ensure you capture beautiful moments within the six-hour timeframe, even accommodating a limited guest list.

When considering this wedding photography package, you should take note of the following;

  • There is a high chance that you may not have enough time for event venue décor shots or venue photos. Save time by having the décor done at least a day earlier.
  • You’ll have enough time to cover all of the important aspects of the event provided yours is a small wedding
  • You’ll most likely not get enough coverage of the reception.

Hiring Your Photographer For 8 Hours

An eight-hour-long flight in a cabin without enough legroom can leave your knees and legs numb. For a small wedding, eight hours may be a perfect option, especially if you intend to get full coverage of the event and reception. You can also choose this package for an average wedding not spanning more than 150 guests. With this package, you can be sure to get documentation of at least two-thirds of your event.

When choosing this package, consider the following;

  • This is a perfect choice for you if you have a pre-look segment in mind
  • 8 hours may seem like a long time but it could easily not be enough. Make sure to plan accordingly to fit your event within at least 7 hours.

Hiring Your Photographer For 10 Hours

If you plan to invite lots of people to your wedding, a 10-hour photography package may be the baseline for your selections. Remember that the more the guests, the longer it’ll take to organize them for a photo session. For 10-hour wedding photography, you may be able to conveniently sneak a pre-look into the package. Your photographer may be able to get a pre-look of the venue, your makeup and glam session, and even a huge part of your reception. Don’t get too carried away though as time flies when no one is looking.

Consider the following when choosing a 10-hour wedding photography package;

  • The 10-hour wedding photography package is perfect for weddings with lots of guests. It's even better if the wedding and reception are at different venues.
  • You can conveniently fit in a grand exit and reception coverage into this package.

Hiring Your Photographer For 12 Hours

Whether you are planning a small or huge wedding, you can never go wrong with a 12-hour wedding photography service. For a small wedding, you are booking hours in excess which gives your photographer enough time to plan each shot and its detail. For a large wedding, you’re subscribing to a package that is just about enough to cover every bit of your wedding without leaving important memories out. If you have a large family and a teeming group of friends, this may be the better option to fit everyone in.

For a 12-hour wedding videography package, consider;

  • It gives you the added advantage of time and planning. Your photographer has enough time to not rush each shot taken. Your photographer also has enough time to shoot pre-look, grand exit, and other fleeting memories that’ll keep you smiling years down the line.
  • If you have chosen separate locations for the wedding and reception, you easily have the luxury of time to catch up without feeling cheated.

Your final choice will depend on your budget, preferred photographer, and their availability. It is best to consult with your wedding photographer based on the specifics of your wedding plan to get the right package.