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12 Ways to Display Your Individuality

Do you feel like you’re not standing out from the crowd a lot of the time? Here are 12 ways to save you from blending in. 

12 Ways to Display Your Individuality

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By definition, individuality is the quality that distinctly sets someone apart from the crowd. ‘What makes you different?’ or ‘What do you have that others don’t?’ are the kind of questions asked not only amongst friends but also during interviews. Believe it or not, a lot of people have the same answers. 

Long story short, individuality is a rare thing in today’s society. If you take a step back and observe your surroundings, you will quickly realize that everyone’s a clone of one another. People rarely go out of the box; sometimes it’s because they think the trend is what they are expected to be following or are just afraid to be shunned because they are different. 

You too might share the same feelings as the rest, but let me ask you this: are you satisfied with conforming to the norm? 

Why Is Individuality so Important?

It’s precisely because individuality is so rare that it’s so important. As you may already know, the world right now is very competitive; you need to give people a reason to believe that you stand out from the rest. It doesn’t have to be for a job or your friends—it can just be for your own mental wellbeing as well. 

If you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume that your answer to the question above is a solid ‘no’. In that case, let’s explore some ways to better express yourself!

You are Aesthetic

What is an aesthetic that you vibe with? As someone who’s very active on her socials, here’s what I gathered: choosing an aesthetic is basically surrounding yourself with things that define you. Usually, there are always a few categories based on colors, the genre of music, or even TV shows. For example, ‘Game of Thrones’ can serve as an aesthetic. Speaking of which, if you’re a fan of mythical creatures like dragons, dragon-vibe.com has everything for your ‘dragon aesthetic’ needs!

Upon finding a category you think you belong to, the next objective is to use that aesthetic in a way that describes your personality and tastes. To make things more interesting, you don’t necessarily have to stick to one aesthetic! Change it up every now and then to keep things fresh. 


The first thing people notice when they see you are your clothes. How you present yourself to the world is very crucial in depicting who you are as a person. Don’t force yourself to follow certain fashion trends simply because you want to stand out. Wear what you love and what you’re most comfortable and confident in! 

Can’t find an outfit of your liking? Why not make your own clothes? Customizing existing pieces of clothing or making some from scratch is a fantastic way to express yourself. In addition, it helps reduce waste so it’s a win-win situation if you ask me. 


How you accessorize will also make a few heads turn here and there. The world of accessories is a diverse one. Referring back to our first category, accessorize according to your aesthetic—tell your story through your bags, jewelry, glasses, headphones, or shoes!

Your Perfume 

Fragrances are memorable and make an immediate first impression. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a perfume that distinguished you from your friends? If accessories aren’t for you, then play it up with a perfume that goes with you. That way, whenever you walk into a room, your peers will certainly have something to remember you by.

What Are You Passionate About?

Have you ever thought about the things you’re most passionate about? It can be anything that ignites a fire inside you—art, acting, singing, or whatever you’re good at. Perhaps you know how to play an instrument. Discover your talents and hone them. 

Music For The Soul

Listen to music that you love. There are no boundaries when it comes to music. Just because you listen to metal, doesn’t mean you can’t listen to K-pop or vice versa. Make a playlist on Spotify or YouTube and share it with your friends or co-workers. Get people to know you a little better! What you listen to is an important part of what makes you unique. 

Social Media

Building a social media presence often requires you to garner attention. Here’s the thing: there are a lot of social media influencers out there, especially on Instagram. Assuming you want to be an influencer, how will you get your Instagram followers to differentiate between you and many others who do the same thing? It’s very simple—theme your Instagram! Whenever someone gives you a follow, they’ll get a glimpse of who you are and what you do. You can do this with a number of other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

Finding Your Crowd 

Sometimes it’s very hard to be ourselves and express our individuality. We might not feel loved or confident enough to come out, because we fear rejection. Surrounding yourself with people who respect and accept you for who you are is very important. They serve as catalysts that boost your self-esteem so that you can be yourself whenever, wherever. 

Speak Your Mind 

Don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. Very often, I’ve seen people agree/disagree with statements or opinions simply because they don’t want to come off as offensive. Opinions vary from person to person, and everyone has the right to voice them when necessary. Your opinions, likes, and dislikes are a big part of your personality, so remember to always be honest. 

Remove Labels 

Labels don’t matter. You don’t have to belong to any particular community. Just do whatever makes you happy. 

Be Creative!

Try to voice more of your ideas at the workplace or during a school project. Most of us hold back thinking our ideas will be rejected as they may be too strange for bystanders. Rest assured that once in a while, people will recognize the value of something that’s new and different! Even if your input isn’t well-received, there will always be someone who’ll notice and appreciate you in your future endeavors. 

Lastly, Something a Little Unorthodox:

The problem with the lack of individuality in the current generation isn’t just that they are all doing the same thing or that they look the same; you are pressured to get certain things done within a particular time, whether they are personal or professional achievements. However, life isn’t a race, and you should always do things at your own pace. You can journal your life. Keep a record of the challenges you faced, how you overcame them and ultimately navigated yourself towards a happier and more successful future. If this doesn’t single you out from the rest, I don’t know what else will.

Your life story, like the story of others, is wildly different; how you’ve lived might inspire others to be courageous and finally do what they want and be who they truly are.