Better Sleep Quality
May 27, 2024

How Many Milligrams Of Apigenin Promote Better Sleep Quality?

Better Sleep Quality

Everyone needs a good night's sleep after a busy day. Proper sleep reduces stress, reduces the risk of chronic health issues, and improves mental function. However, nearly 30% of adults experience sleeping disorders, meaning they don’t sleep as they wish.

You are not alone if you can’t sleep well, and solutions to your problem exist. One great solution is using supplements promoting sleep quality, like apigenin.

Apigenin is a flavonoid in fruits and vegetables like parsley, lettuce, spinach, and pepper. It promotes muscle relaxation and reduces anxiety, providing quality sleep.

If you have a sleeping problem and can’t get enough of this flavonoid in your diet, you can take it as a supplement and enjoy quality, longer sleep. Keep reading to learn about apigenin, its benefits, and how it promotes quality sleep.

What Is Apigenin?

Apigenin is a naturally occurring product found in many plants and herbs. For instance, the chamomile herb used to make the popular chamomile tea contains high levels of apigenin, and that’s why many people get sleepy after taking it.

Besides its presence in plants, apigenin is also found as a supplement. Apigenin supplement for sleep relaxes the muscles and removes stress triggers, allowing you to sleep quickly and enjoy a longer sleep. 

How Apigenin Promotes Better Sleep

Better Sleep Quality

Promoting better sleep is one of the most popular benefits of apigenin. This substance works by activating the chloride ions in the brain, which brings a calming effect and the body into a restful state. In short, it facilitates ‘turning off’ your brain so that you can get enough time to rest.

A study on postpartum women found that women who took chamomile tea (which contains apigenin) noted improved sleep compared to those who didn’t. In another study, people who consumed at least 270g of chamomile extract reported falling asleep much faster than the rest.

Here are other ways Apigenin helps improve sleep.

1. It reduces stress and anxiety.

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Stress and anxiety can make you lose sleep. If you are stressed or anxious about something, you may need the apigenin supplement to help you get to bed easily. Apigenin binds with brain receptors and reduces cortisone levels to reduce anxiety and help relieve stress. When you are relaxed with less stress, it becomes easier for you to enjoy more quality sleep.

2. It Provides Pain Relief

Apigenin has anti-inflammatory features that help relieve pain. This flavonoid compound reduces the production of cytokines, whose overproduction can cause diseases. If you are in pain, chances are you may not sleep well. However, the right dosage of apigenin can help relieve the pain, allowing you to sleep more comfortably.

3. It Supports Healthy Aging.

Aging is inevitable, but you can delay its effects with a few supplements like apigenin. Apigenin is said to inhibit the production of CD38, which reduces the production of NAD levels. As we age, the NAD levels start to reduce naturally, and that’s why wrinkles and other aging signs start to appear. 

The correct supply of NAD is also essential for maintaining various cellular processes that impact your sleep pattern. This includes energy metabolism and repair of DNA. When taken in the right amount, apigenin can enhance the production of NAD, help delay aging signs, and indirectly promote sleep.

4. It Promotes a Healthy Heart.

Adults are more prone to heart issues due to a change in the condition of arteries. As we age, arteries may sustain fat buildup and other deposits, which may hinder the normal flow of blood, resulting in blood pressure issues. Poor heart health reduces your sleep quality since you need a healthy heart for sound sleep. 

Apigenin promotes a healthy heart and improves sleep by reducing the presence of buildups on arteries and allowing blood to flow more smoothly.

5. It Improves Mood.

Mood and sleep affect each other. Lack of adequate sleep can make you moody and irritable. Poor mood, on the other hand, causes anxiety and other issues that affect sleep. Apigenin can help uplift your mood when you are in pain, stressed, or sick. Its relaxing effects help you feel more relaxed and enjoy an improved mood.

Apigenin Dosage: How Many Milligrams Should You Take?

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There’s no standard dosage for Apigeninsuppliment. That means an amount suitable for me might not work for you. Additionally, the effects vary from person to person, so don’t expect to get the same results as another user. 

That said, the average dosage is around 50mg to 400mg per day. The difference in between is because of the many factors that influence the effects, like your age, health status, and weight.

Final Thoughts

Poor sleep quality impacts your life in various ways. The short-term effects that are easily noticeable are sleepiness during the day, poor concentration, reduced alertness, and irritability. 

Fortunately, apigenin supplements can help improve your sleep quality. As seen in this guide, it achieves this by managing sleep-related issues like pain, stress, anxiety, and mood disorders. However, don't be in a rush for fast results by overusing it. Use the supplement responsibly by sticking to the recommended dosage.