Empowering Your Beauty Journey with Advanced Toxin Solutions
January 24, 2024

Empowering Your Beauty Journey with Advanced Toxin Solutions

Maypharm specializes in manufacturing outstanding pharmaceutical products that provide state-of-the-art technological advantages in the field of botulinum toxins. We are also actively engaged in the development of advanced manufacturing quality control systems and high-tech equipment in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice Rules set forth in the Agency's CGMP regulations.

Maypharm successfully brought its new toxin to market by introducing it on a digital billboard at The Times Square Spectacular in New York City.

Currently, we already have wholesale partners in different countries and regions of the world such as China, Russia, Europe, USA, Middle East and West Asia (including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines). This allows us to plan to ship the new METOX toxin globally, gain a strong foothold in the European market and significantly increase our share of the toxin market within three years of product launch.

METOX botox is currently undergoing active clinical trials in various areas aimed at treating symptoms such as masticatory muscle asymmetry and shoulder muscle pain. Applications in areas such as smoothing interbrow wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes are also being studied.

Unlike traditional botulinum toxin production methods using lyophilization, METOX Type A "METOX 100U" is created using a second-generation technology known as "vacuum drying". This advanced method virtually eliminates powder residue at the bottom of each vial, which reduces the loss of natural properties during dilution. This makes the infiltration process nearly painless and makes filling through the syringe much easier due to the absence of air.

The study showed that the creation of METOX using the latest equipment and modern standards, as well as through second generation technology, brings significant benefits in the form of high purity, stabilizing effect and proven efficacy. This not only guarantees safe, high quality treatments with ideal results, but also sets a new standard in the global botulinum toxin market.

Features of Metox include:

  • no effect on facial expressions;
  • minimal pain during injection;
  • rapid effect that lasts for a long time;
  • very well cleared product;
  • can be used on the face and neck;
  • cosmetic effect is observed after 3-7 days;
  • duration of effect is approximately 6-9 months.

Usually 2-3 treatments per year are needed as muscle tone is restored over time.