Botox Treatment for Men
July 24, 2020

Botox Treatment for Men

Stigmas exist for pretty much anything in life, including Botox. For many people, the compound isn’t just a way to get smooth and younger-looking skin. Unfortunately, many people see Botox as a weakness and an easy way out, when it is so much more than that. 

It exists for people who feel as though they weren’t played a fair hand by genetics and nature and simply want to be satisfied when looking at themselves in the mirror.

There's no weakness to it and there’s absolutely nothing embarrassing about it. And this is just one of the many other bad stereotypes that exist related to Botox. Another really big one is that Botox is exclusively for women. But recent trends have shown that this is not the case and men are also very much interested in Botox treatment like women. 

This is because Botox provides the type of physical and mental boost that cannot be attained with any other type of treatment. Which is why if you’re a man, here are some reasons you may consider are worth getting treated for.

Boost in Youthfulness

We all age our own different ways and at different rates. Some age faster, others slower. On some, wrinkles and age marks are barely visible, for others; they are simply distracting. 

It all depends on how you accept your growing age. Some people, despite the very clearly visible age marks, wrinkles, trenches, and sunspots, accept their growth with grace and accept themselves for who they are. Many men actually find themselves happier with grey hair and wrinkles and believe there is a natural beauty to looking older. 

But some men just can’t accept the idea of looking old just yet and need a little more time with their fresh and vibrant face. Which is what Botox is so good at.

The compound works on the muscular level of your face, where it numbs the muscles responsible for the wrinkles and trenches on your face above. As the muscles are numbed, the skin begins to smooth itself out and tighten around the face, making it look much younger and more vibrant. 

This allows the youthfulness to look natural, which can’t be said for other anti-aging treatments, which end up puffing up the face and making it look plastic. Thanks to the deeper, multi-layer function of Botox, you don’t have to worry about people picking up on the fact that you’ve been through a treatment because your face clearly shows it.

After years and years of constant development, the compound has reached a point where treated and untreated young faces are almost indiscernible and only a seasoned professional with a knack for detail would be able to tell them apart.

Boost in Confidence

You may not consider looks to be that big of a deal maker or breaker, but first appearances, or appearances in general, do play a major role in how your job interview, date, important meeting and other social occasions may work out.

Say you’re sitting in front of your interviewer and you notice them looking you up and down as they notice your appearance. They don’t really mind that you have deep wrinkles or age marks, as there’s a high chance that they themselves also have them. Instead, they pay attention to your face and how comfortable you look and feel in their presence.

But if you’re constantly worried about your wrinkles and trying your best to make sure that the interviewer doesn’t pay attention to them, you’ll inadvertently attract even more attention to that part of your face, which in turn will make your nervousness even more visible.

So, there’s this domino effect which starts from something as small as a little wrinkle and could potentially sabotage your job interview or any other social event. This is why it’s important to be confident with every square inch of your face, which is only possible if everything is to your liking, including the lack of wrinkles. When it comes to how you look, you shouldn’t make do with what you have, but rather try to make the best of it.

And this is what Botox does: it improves what you have to suit your style and needs, whether through its ability to smooth out skin or add vibrancy or even make the skin more supple to the touch. As you can see, this is not something women are exclusively worried about. Men have just as much of a reason to get Botox as women do since we all equally are faced with these kinds of problems on a daily basis.

And if you’re saying to yourself that you never really worry about your looks and that you're confident the way you are, then that’s perfect and you should be proud of that. But while you’re fine with how you look, many more men simply lack this confidence, and their only channel of finding it is through getting treated. There’s nothing wrong with being happy with how you look, as well as wanting to look better.

Finding the Place That Has It All

Luckily, the modern individual doesn’t have to worry about scouring the country just to find a good deal on Botox, because there are tons of great options you can look through in your local area alone. If you happen to live in a big city, like LA or NYC, then clinics are a dime a dozen, and each of them offer their own great deal and treatment package, which may suit your budget.

If you live in NYC, you can always try out Skinly Aesthetics’ Botox NYC treatment plan, perfect for anyone looking for a quality treatment without the long receipt. Finding the right clinic for all your needs can be a daunting and long task, considering how many clinics are available and how many more are opening up. So, for a quick and easy answer, just visit the Skinly Aesthetics website for all your Botox questions and concerns.