November 11, 2022

5 Great Health Benefits Of Juicing

Thinking about getting into juicing? We don’t blame you! Juicing is a lot of fun, and the results are exceptionally tasty. Besides the taste though, there are also a number of great health benefits of juicing!

Before you start searching things like how to use a breville juicer, or what the best juice recipes are, we thought we’d share with you 5 great health benefits of juicing! 

1. You May Lose Weight

You’ve probably already heard that juicing may help you to lose weight. It’s one of the most widely reported health benefits.

Ultimately, whether you lose weight from juicing depends on the kinds of fruits and vegetables that you are using. There’s a good chance though that by switching juice for other snacks throughout the day, you’re most likely consuming fewer calories than you were before.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s crucial that you are in a calorie deficit, and this is certainly achievable through juicing. Of course, juicing is not a suitable alternative to actually eating healthy, well balanced meals throughout the day, but it can make an excellent substitute to other snacks. 

2. It Makes Consuming Fruits and Vegetables Easier

If you’re finding it difficult to ensure that you are getting your five a day, it’s definitely in your interest to get into juicing. Juicing can be just as nutritious as eating whole fruits and vegetables, and the fact that it’s in the form of a drink may make it a little easier for you to consume it throughout the day.

Likewise, if you aren’t typically a fan of whole fruits and vegetables, you may even find that juiced fruits and veggies taste better than they do whole. Sometimes the bitterness of vegetables can be reduced through juicing, which makes it more palatable for some people.

3. It’s Beneficial For Your Immune System

Switching your morning coffee for some juice in the morning may be just what your immune system needs in order to work more effectively. For instance, try some citrus fruits like pineapple. Pineapple can be great for your immune system.

You can also use seasonings such as garlic in your juice drinks and this can be good for your heart health and can help you to fight off things like colds.

Likewise, juicing can even decrease the inflammation in your body since fruits with a lot of vitamin C and darker vegetables come packed full of antioxidants. You may even find that your body feels new and revitalized after you start juicing.

4. You May Feel More Energized

Are you finding yourself feeling sluggish throughout the day lately? It may be because you aren’t consuming enough foods with B vitamins. B vitamins are important for many things, but especially your energy levels.

You don’t always need to go to a doctor to improve your B vitamin levels, either. Sometimes it can be as simple as incorporating more foods into your diet that are rich in B vitamins. This is where juicing can be helpful, since B vitamins are often plentiful in certain citrus fruits, ginger, leafy greens and other vegetables. Just whip up a juice drink ready for when you’re on the go and you can easily get those B vitamins into your body.

5. It May Help You to Prevent Cancer

You may even find that getting into juicing can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Certain cancers are more likely to appear in the body thanks to poor lifestyle habits and diets, so it stands to reason that following a different lifestyle or diet can be beneficial in fighting cancer.

If you choose to consume healthier foods rich in nutrients that are good for your body, it can reduce your risk of getting certain kinds of cancer. There are even certain fruits and vegetables that are known for having properties that can fight cancer, such as carrots, brussels sprouts, apples, broccoli and more.

Yes, consuming more fruits and vegetables is not a definitive cure to cancer, but it can certainly help to reduce your chances of getting it.  


If you were hesitant about getting into juicing before, hopefully this article has helped to change your mind! There are many more health benefits to juicing such as improved mental health and general wellbeing, but these are just a few. Juicing can be the first step on the path to a healthier lifestyle overall. You may even find that juicing will change your life! It’s definitely worth a try.