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Does Pressed Juice Contain Pulp? Here’s What You Need to Know

Some people like pulp whenever they drink orange or lemon juice in the morning, while others find the texture very slimy and disturbing. If you are looking to get into the world of pressed juice, and you also have a disdain for pulp, then you might wonder if pressed juices contain pulp. Well, this article has the answer, as well as how you can reduce pulp waste if you are pressing your own juice at home, and the surprising benefits of pulp!

Pressed Juice

What Is Pulp?

Pulp from fruits and vegetables is all the fibrous material that is left over as a result of the juicing process. Some fruits and vegetables produce a lot of pulp, while others produce very little, but everything that is juiced is going to create a little pulp, which can quickly add up whenever you consider the large amount of pulped fruits and vegetables that are pressed every single day.

Most companies who have to cold press their juice try to compost their pulp, use it for animal feed, turn it into another food, or otherwise reuse it. Which is great, but the real question is, does any of that pulp get into your pressed juice, and if it does… then how does it get in?

The Health Benefits Of Pulp

While pulp might seem like it doesn’t do anything but get in the way, it actually does have some major health benefits. For starters, it contains quite a lot of the plant fiber that is left behind from the juicing process, and that fiber is very important for our health. Fiber can reduce our chances of getting everything from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, and it can also reduce our weight gain as well.

Pulp also contains other vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that we need as well, and they can even improve the bacteria inside of the gut. That comes with all sorts of benefits to both our physical and our mental health as well.

However, we aren’t getting enough fiber, fruits, or vegetables, mostly because the pulp is left behind and wasted during the process of juicing or the preparation of the fruits and vegetables. So having a pulpy drink isn’t too terrible for your health, as long as you can get past the texture.

However, Pulp Doesn’t Get Into Your Pressed Juice

Companies who cold press inspect every fruit and vegetable to ensure they are of the highest quality, and then chop them up and place them in a special filter bag that is a lot like a sieve. Then the bag filled with the pieces is placed inside of a hydraulic press that pushes down on these pieces with thousands of pounds of pressure. This pressure forces out all of the juice inside of the fruit and vegetable pieces, and that gets collected and stored as natural juice, but the thousands of pounds of pressure also cause a lot of pulp to be left behind as well, and that is not inside of the juice.

So if you happen to like your pressed juice without pulp, then you are in luck because very little to no pulp is going to get inside of the juice. However, for people who are using cold pressed juices for a juice cleanse, you could double your benefits with pulped cold pressed juice.

Cold pressed juices are filled with all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other beneficial materials of the fruit, but the pulp has even more, and by either scooping the pulp into your own pressed drinks or requesting pulp filled cold pressed juice, you can increase all the benefits of your juice cleanse. Plus, the pulp gives you all the fiber that you need on your pressed juice, which can help you feel full on your juice cleanse.

If you are a first time juice cleanser and are worried about hunger, then the extra fiber from the pulp can help to alleviate those problems and can ensure that you are ready to keep doing your juice cleanse!

How To Get Used To The Taste Of Pulp

With all the benefits of pulp that you can have, there’s no reason not to have pulp in your juice! However, the one thing that seems to stop most people, at least in the West, is the taste of the pulp- or rather the texture, as the material has no taste. Still, the texture should be easy to get used to, and any time you have problems with the slimy texture, remind yourself of all the health benefits and everything should be perfect!

Plus, you can focus on the taste of whatever juice you want to be drinking for cleanse, which can help you get through the pulp.