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What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure growing ever more popular in the cosmetic industry practice – but what exactly is it? Why is it becoming such a trending operation and for which demographic does it concern? This article provides the facts surrounding this booming procedure and offers sage advice on whether it may be suitable for you. (Source: INkredible Scalp)

What Does it Do?

Scalp micropigmentation is essentially microblading on a much larger scale. While microblading typically concerns itself with the brow area, to create the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows in a realistic manner – scalp micropigmentation does the same for the appearance of an entire head of hair. However, there are differences between microblading and micropigmentation – namely the fine details of the operation itself.

While microblading is usually done with a manual blade, micropigmentation is aided by an electronic device because the surface area is much larger. This is to ensure the correct level of attention to detail which is much harder to achieve by hand, and because the skin of your scalp is thicker than that of your face, meaning more power is required to penetrate it. 

Who is it for?

The people who decide to undergo scalp micropigmentation are usually concerned with the appearance of their hair and scalp. The results of this practice offer a visible improvement to the fulness of your hair, and so typically those who have thinning hair or are balding are attracted to the procedure.

Some men who have found themselves prematurely balding fall in love with micropigmentation for the renewed confidence and self-esteem it provides – completely removing the stress concerning an aspect of their appearance they felt helpless to prevent losing.

Women who are self-conscious about having very thin hair and a visible scalp insist the procedure made them look and feel younger and more confident. As thinning hair is often a marker of age, scalp micropigmentation is a brilliant way to fight male and female pattern baldness, and retain youthful looks without invasive surgery or obvious work done to your face.

Some find the idea of tinkering with your facial structure and skin uncomfortable and squeamish, but scalp micropigmentation offers a service which is both safer and less intrusive to your authentic appearance and sense of self.

Other people who benefit from scalp micropigmentation are sufferers of alopecia or cancer who experience hair loss – this practice can provide a fantastic service for their emotional wellbeing as they cope with the symptoms of their conditions and treatments.

Some find it makes their situation less noticeable to other people, and find it comforting to take back control of their appearance and exercise their right to privacy surrounding their health. Meanwhile, others find the simple aesthetic effects give a welcomed boost to their self-esteem.

How Long Does It Last For?

Micropigmentation is widely considered as a semi-permanent process. What this means is, though the implementation of ink penetrates the scalp, since the skin self-exfoliates, the results may fade in time. You can expect the effect of micropigmentation to last a strong number of years – usually up to seven or eight.

Those with drier scalps may experience fading quicker, as the skin will flake off at a more accelerated rate, but this can be alleviated with proper care and products for your scalp. The colour of the micropigmentation will not change as long as it was administered correctly - it will only begin to fade as the years go on.

Is it Expensive?

The price of this procedure will depend on the area which you want micropigmentation in. Some doctors will recommend a smaller surface area if you only have patches of thinning hair or a forming bald spot. Larger areas will require more pigment and therefore cost more.

Generally, the price spectrum ranges from a few hundred dollars, up to one thousand. This may seem expensive, but compared to alternatives that will actually provide a long-term solution, micropigmentation is a relatively affordable approach to make in the fight against thinning hair or hair loss. You can get a quote at SMP Hair Clinic Essex

What Are the Risks?

While not a very invasive operation, micropigmentation is a valid medical procedure and as such involves appropriate risks you should be aware of. Making sure you find a reliable and professional practitioner to conduct your scalp micropigmentation is the number one priority.

They should be experienced and have a good reputation in order for you to consider putting yourself in their hands. While scalp micropigmentation is different to getting a tattoo, the risks involved with both fields are similar – if you have any allergies, you should let your practitioner know.  The main risks involved with scalp micropigmentation are potential reactions to the pigment or infection from the needles.

This article has endeavored to provide balanced and relevant information to the practice of scalp micropigmentation – and we sincerely hope this helps in developing your understanding around the topic and the choices surrounding hair loss and thinning.