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Top Reasons to Undergo Scalp Micropigmentation

Once a man, or even a woman, starts losing its hair, it could influence not only how they perceive themselves but also how they feel about themselves. It can have a huge impact in their confidence and self-esteem and, most often than not, it will cause them to feel undesirable.

While there are several forms of hair loss treatment options, they do not all work, and this is such a huge problem for those people suffering from hair loss. That is why for those in this situation, scalp micropigmentation is the best option because of its many advantages that this procedure can offer to those who are suffering from hair loss.

Why You Should Have Scalp Micropigmentation

There are definitely no false claims:

There are probably thousands of products available that claim to re-grow hair, but most of them have no positive effect. They are bought and used by some people in the hope that it would be able to do something about their baldness.

Micropigmentation, contrary to other hair re-growers, is a very unique and has been proven effective.

The product is affordable:

Since scalp micro pigmentation is a permanent hair loss cure, there is no need to spend hard-earned money on inefficient shampoos or tonics. Compared with hair transplants, it is also only a fraction of the price. Post-procedural drugs or care items are also not required, which implies more money will be kept in the pocket – where it belongs.

Treatment is safe:

There are no chemicals used in the procedure, which means that there are no side effects. It also requires no incisions; thus, there is little chance of infection. There is no reason also to be scared of the needle used to apply pigmentation to the skin because a local anesthetic will be used to make it painless.

Fast and efficient procedure:

This basic procedure, which is hair tattooing, is done in only a few sessions. That means you just need to spend a few hours to achieve a perfect shaved-head look. The results are relatively practical, too, even after the first session. And on top of all that, you can have ample time to do your other activities on the same day.

Fast recovery time:

The recovery time is reduced to only a few days because of the non-invasive micropigmentation technique. Many people who want this treatment are, in fact, able to go back to work within just two to three days. There are no changing of wound dressings or stitches to think about. All that is required in the following weeks is proper cleaning.


There is no need for expensive beauty products because there is no actual hair, nor is there any extra effort spent on makeup. You just simply wash the pigmented skin, and if needed, add a bit of hair wax to add some shine, and head out the door with friends or a special lady for a night out.

Makes you look younger:

The impression may be that the balding men are naturally old. If he is young at age, this does little to boost a man's morale, because looking old will potentially make a person feel old. Since the micropigmentation of the scalp gives men the feeling that they got their hair back and also produces the shaved-head look worn by even the biggest movie stars, men will re-encounter their younger selves.

It looks real:

This procedure is intended to give men back their hair – even if it is not real hair. This is the reason why micropigmentation color should suit both current hair color and the skin tone to achieve the most desirable and realistic look.

It lasts long:

Since having a micropigmentation of the scalp will last for years, there will be less likely of a possibility to lose confidence over hair loss.  The pigmentation will never fade out, so a new color can be changed to suit current hair trends.

Imperfection is hidden:

The micro pigmentation provides some protection for these imperfections for those with marks from previous injuries, or also from hair transplantation operations they have undergone. Furthermore, it can help disguise a receding hairline, making hair look full.

The After-care Treatment

Although scalp micropigmentation is a fast, convenient, affordable, and efficient solution for your hair problem, you have to take some precautions in order to make it safe and effective. And here are the things to bear in mind:

  • Shower every time before treatment because you are not allowed to wash or wet your scalp for four to six days after each treatment, and this also includes sweating excessively.
  • Usually, the procedure takes between four and five hours, and the recovery period varies. The procedures that you will need will depend on how large the area of the scalp you would have pigmented. However, even though it would only be for a small area, experts still advise that there should be three to four treatments that are needed for long-term retention, as Scalp micropigmentation is a color layering operation. Also, treatments are expected to take place several weeks apart to avoid unnecessary injuries or infections
  • Do not go swimming. Furthermore, do not use steam rooms or saunas in the weeks between treatments, or take excessively hot showers that can cause a steam storm. During the first four to six days, you should stop exposing your head to the sun. You may expose the treated skin to the sun for thirty minutes to one hour on the sixth day after treatment, or thirty to forty-five minutes if you have very fair skin. However, bear in mind that lesser sun exposure to the treated skin would guarantee better longer retention.
  • After the final procedure, it is recommended that you must stop doing heavy exercises for five to seven days or a week. And on the fourth day of your last procedure, you may start moisturizing the treated area daily, and you may also do this between treatments.

There is no need to worry and be sad for the people who have issues about hair fall; scalp micropigmentation is one great solution to this problem.