Unbeatable Hair Clippers – The Only Choice for Many
July 27, 2023

Unbeatable Hair Clippers – The Only Choice for Many

Whether by stylistic choice, through the unstoppable march of hair loss, or any number of other reasons, many Australians reach a point in life where the time has come to shave their heads. And it is a timeless look that fits in everywhere from the fine dining restaurants of Adelaide’s CBD to a sunset cookout on Fraser Island.

The easiest, most obvious thing to do is to instruct the trusted hairdresser to get the job done and that’s that. But it seems so easy, couldn’t we just get a decent set of clippers (click here to buy hair clippers) and do the job ourselves? The answer is yes, but it might be trickier than you first anticipate, so here are some tips and tricks to do a good job of shaving your head solo. First things first, it’s time to decide:

Hair Clippers

How close do you want your shave to be?

The protective guards supplied with any set of hair clippers are designed to push the blades further away from the scalp as their size increases. Without a guard, the shave will be as close as possible, leaving no separation between blades and scalp, save the width of the metal holding them. The only way to get a closer shave would be with an actual razor so go easy, choose a higher number than you need and build down to it.

  • Tip: When shaving longer hair, start with a bigger guard and reduce with each pass to minimise clogging

Push the clippers against the grain of your hair growth

The little bit of lift created by cutting in the opposite direction to growth makes the cut that tiny bit closer. If using a straight or safety razor, this principle tends to be reversed to prevent an irritation-rash or painful pulling of the short hairs.

  • Tip: Make sure hair is completely dry, as this helps to prevent clogging.

Start at the sides

It is surprisingly easy to leave hair protruding above the ears by accident when clipping your own hair, so this is a good place to start. Run upwards to the crown from there and push down the ear to ensure no strands have been missed.

Work from front to back on top

You will have fuller control of the clippers holding them in a position from the front and are much less likely to get falling hair in your eyes.

  • Tip: Double check you have the desired guard in place before making your first sweep. You can always go again with a smaller one but adding hair after you already cropped it too close is impossible.

Shave the opposite way at the back

Now comes the most difficult part of the process, which requires a bit more dexterity and skill. A couple of mirrors, one fixed in front, the other mobile in the hand are exceptionally useful here. Bottom to top is now the order of the day, using the same slow, smooth strokes. Don't neglect the fine hairs at the base of the hairline that are often removed using a straight razor by a professional. You can reduce the guard size gradually to blend them out if necessary.

  • Tip: Check your progress regularly and make adjustments or ask a friend to give assistance and feedback.

When you’re ready to get your shave-on, save time and money by investing in some high-quality hair clippers and give your barber a miss!