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How To Use A Hair Clipper Like a Pro

Going to a professional hairdresser is not always an option. Therefore, you can learn to get a perfect haircut at home, using a special device. Choosing one of the best hair clippers, you will quickly and easily create a stylish hairstyle without leaving your home.

How To Use Hair Clippers At Home: A Step By Step Guide

Learning to cut your hair with a hair clipper is not difficult; for example, making it with scissors is much more complicated.

As a rule, each device is accompanied by a detailed description and instruction manual, but even after a thorough study before the first haircut, it is necessary to keep in mind several important things:

  • If your haircut has grown into a very long, shorten the hair with scissors before the procedure to ease the trimming;
  • Move the hair clipper only against the hair growth. Otherwise, the hair will bend to the head and will not be able to be cut off;
  • To reach the best results and keep the clipper in good condition, make sure your hair is absolutely dry and clean;
  • Before each use of the device lubricate the clipper with oil, this will ensure its smooth stroke.

Hair Clipper Technique

You can easily create a stylish haircut by completing the following steps:

  • Prepare your hair for the procedure (wash, dry, and comb);
  • Set the required nozzle;
  • Start cutting from the back of the head;
  • Smooth the temples and the parietal area.

If you decided to improve your haircut on your own, it is important to remember how the hair clipper works. The tool cuts well only if you lead it against hair growth.

  1. Pick up the nozzle of the required length and fix it on the blade. If you do not use the nozzle, you will get a haircut with the minimal length. If the machine can hardly cut off thick and long hair, first use a longer nozzle, and when the hair becomes shorter, fix the nozzle of the desired length.
  2. Start to pull the machine into the hair from the back of the head and push it upwards. Don’t forget to check and remove hair from the appliance so the device won’t be stuck. Proceed to the frontoparietal part (from the nape to the forehead) of your head. Pull the device through the clipped zones a couple more times to make sure you didn’t leave any sticking hairs.
  3. Cut the hair near the upper part of the ears both in growth and against hair growth because, in these areas, the hair grows in different directions.
  4. After you’re done with length cutting, proceed to the edging to give the hairstyle a fine finished look. To do this, change the nozzle to the minimum and go through the temples and neck areas, making the transition from hair to skin smoother. When you finished, rinse your head again and treat the neck and temples with a soothing antibacterial lotion to avoid skin redness.

So, you can see that buzzing at home isn’t a big deal at all. All you have to do is to pick a quality hair clipper and just follow the guide!

How To Use A Hair Clipper Like a Pro