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Ten Common Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards

To have a great beard is the dream of every guy, and to attain it, you made a lot of effort. Still, most of you are not capable of growing the desired one. The reason behind not having such a beard is your genes or hormones responsible for your facial hair growth rate.

Also, to ensure that you get a thick and fuller beard, you need to bring some healthy changes in your daily routine, including intaking a proper diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and following a facial care routine. When you follow these things, you can observe that your beard is growing in the correct direction.

But there are some men whose beard grows out to be in the patchy beard. However, there is nothing wrong with a patchy beard; it is just a few patches in your facial hair, which can be fixed by merely avoiding some common mistakes. But before that, we need to understand the reasons why some men have a patchy beard?

Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards

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Possible reasons behind patchy beard:

Following are the most common reasons why a man has a patchy beard:

  • Genetics-

Your genes are highly responsible for your hair growth. Earlier, it was believed that a mother’s side passed on the hair and beard growth genes, but now, it is concluded that they can appear from either one or both sides. So, if you have most of the men in your family with thick and full facial hair growth, then it might be possible that you can be able to have one. But if the condition is the opposite, you also have to experience low or patchy facial hair growth.

  • Hormones-

Facial hair growth is dependent on testosterone and DHT hormones. If you have a lower level of these two hormones, you can notice that your beard is growing in patchy style. Contrary to this, when you have a higher level of these two hormones, you can have thicker and faster growth of your beard.

  • Lack of Androgen Receptors-

In many cases, men can have high testosterone and DHT hormones but still face a patchy beard problem. It is because of the lack of androgen receptors in the hair follicle cells. The perfect example of these is Asian men, who experience deficient androgen receptors, which causes them to have slow beard growth.

Common mistakes made by men with patchy beard:

Here are the ten common mistakes made by men with patchy beards-

  • Not growing out the beard-

It is the most common mistake a man with a patchy beard makes. When you have a patchy beard, it doesn’t mean you should stop growing out your facial hair. Rather than panicking and giving up, you should keep calm and let your beard grow on its own.

  • Not allowing your beard enough time-

Whether you have a patchy beard or not, you need to allow enough time for facial hair to grow. Facial hair needs at least a month or more to develop ultimately. Also, you need to care and follow a facial hair care routine to promote proper growth. Even if you notice patchy spots, let your beard grow as your facial hair can develop at a slower rate.

Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards
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  • Avoid taking care of patchy beard-

All beards need love and care, whether short or long, full or even patchy. To care for and maintain beards, you need to use some beard specific products such as beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil, and balms. All these products help you to manage the overall health and quality of your facial hair.

But most of the men with patchy beards avoid taking care of their beard, which is inappropriate. The patchy beard makes the skin beneath it visible and more prone to dryness, itchiness, and flakes. When you take care of the skin below your patchy facial hair, it will ultimately improve the appearance of your patchy beard look.

  • Using beard growth products-

Men with patchy beard run for products that advertise beard growth products or products that fill-in beard patches. This is the most frequent mistake as these products may contain harmful chemicals, which will worsen the situation.

Using such products can bring some allergens and cause you many skin diseases. These beard growth product companies apply their products or serum directly on the facial hair. But the correct way is to use it under the skin instead of facial hair.

  • Trimming your beard frequently-

When you trim your patchy beard too frequently, it will slow the growth rate of facial hair and appear even more patchy. It is possible because some men believe that trimming the beard will enhance the beard growth, which is a myth. Cutting and shortening the length of your facial hair will never increase the growth rate of your beard.

  • Comparing yourself with others-

Comparing yourself with another bearded man is a common mistake which you can make easily. When do you see other bearded men around you, the first thing that hits your mind is why my beard is not like his? But here, you need to understand that every man is different and has a different level of hormones, genes, and androgen receptors, which allow them to grow such a fantastic beard.

  • Using low-quality beard combs-

Beard combs are necessary to train your beard to grow in the right direction. But it is also essential to choose a comb with good quality bristles and the one made of wood instead of plastic. Plastic comb and stiff bristles will damage your facial hair, which will lead to breakage.

  • Not consuming a proper diet-

Your lifestyle affects the most to your body and also the hair growth of your head and beard. Along with hormones and genes, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including taking enough sleep, avoiding tobacco products, reducing stress, and consuming a diet enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients.

  • Avoid cleaning up the lines-

When you have a patchy beard, you need to maintain clean cheek lines to make your patchy beard look cleaner and more professional. Also, keep your sideburns clean and trimmed to provide a smooth appearance to your patchy beard.

  • Choosing the wrong beard style-

Not all beard styles will go with your patchy facial hair, so you need to choose which will fit your patchy facial hair and provide you with a better look. So, go for a beard style that will help you hide your patchy beard or make it look less patchy.


Having a patchy beard is not something you should feel ashamed of; there are many things you can do to deal with it. You can fix your patchy beard naturally at home by making slight changes in your daily routine and following a proper beard care routine.

You can also use beard-specific products su  ch as beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm, which prevents your facial hair from getting flakes and moisten the skin beneath it. Make sure that you avoid the mistakes mentioned above that most men with patchy beards follow.

Mistakes Made By Men With Patchy Beards