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5 Beard Maintenance Tips For A Healthy, Stylish Beard

Having a healthy beard requires energy and attention, just like anything here. Here are 5 beard maintenance tips to help your facial hair look its best.

Trying to keep a beard but having trouble with its shape, growth, or overall appearance?

Growing a beard is a rather tedious process. It has its challenges and may bring out frustrations when you do not know what to do. Among which comes in the form of unruly beards with irritation and itching, bringing forth discomfort in the process.

But did you know that like your hair, you also need to take care of your beard? Wondering about how to achieve a beard that looks sleek and stylish?

Then you should look into proper beard maintenance.

There is more to tending the beard than simply letting it grow, maybe it’s using a beard straightener, oil or trimmer there’s plenty that beard owners can do. Look into these details to understand the measures you can follow to have a magnificent beard fitting for any style you like.

1. Know When and How to Trim

When it comes to beard maintenance, trimming becomes an important factor to keep it in its best form. Pay attention to when you should conduct trimming and on how you accomplish this task. This also depends on whether you would want to grow out your beard or have it maintained at a certain length.

When it comes to how frequent you should trim, make it a point to do this at least once a week. Preference can still dictate how you wish to space out the time between trimming sessions, you still need to observe regular care for your beard.

For this, you will need a good comb, clippers, scissors, and moisturizers. Beard oil is also as needed for caring for your beard (more on that later). 

When trimming, remember to comb it out to set it in one direction. This makes it easier to trim and manage while your clippers can provide an even cut. 

A good fade on your neckline helps with a neat look. You can achieve this with the use of different clip settings going from the biggest then down to the smallest.

For the stray parts and split ends, use scissors. This should help you with the precise snipping. You get a more natural finish for your beard. 

2. Wash the Beard Regularly

In terms of beard maintenance and care, washing it is as important as washing your hair. The need doubles in magnitude as you realize how it comes in contact with food and drinks on a daily basis.

In this case, regular washing becomes a necessity. Leaving it unwashed and unkempt can cause irritation and itching. 

The irritation intensifies in the early stages of beard growth. If you recall how you wash your hair on a regular basis and using both shampoo and conditioner, consider applying the same care to your beard.

In addition, the skin where the beard grows from is also just as important for beard care, like how you would care for your scalp.

Whenever you shower or wash your face, always include the beard in every chance you get.

3. Pay Attention to Your Mustache and Skin as Well 

Carrying over to the same principle, the beard has more aspects for you to pay attention to. 

First, take a moment to work on your moustache. To make it neat, also consider including it when doing regular trims. Though in terms of the trimming frequency, make it at every three to four days.

Keep the moustache trimmed and sculpted. You can use a medium-hold wax to shape the mustache.

For the other aspect for your beard, the skin is also as important. We mentioned this earlier when washing the beard but let us also put that into focus. 

Remember to take care of your skin where the beard grows. Whether you are still growing it out, make sure to moisturize the skin. 

When shaving, take time with it. Especially with pre and post-shave care. Start with a hot shower before shaving, then end it with a cold splash of water to avoid irritation. 

4. Apply Beard Oil 

After trimming and washing, another thing you should observe in beard maintenance is by applying beard oil. It comes with a variety of benefits essential for beard and extends to skincare.

One notable benefit is in how it helps prevent dryness. This helps in all aspects of beard growth, from its beginning stage to its fullest form after a matter of months.

Another benefit it provides is in grooming and styling. It keeps the unruly parts of your beard in place when styling them, allowing for a degree of control.

As for the skincare aspect, beard oils can also prevent irritation. Oils also fight off redness, dryness, and flakiness. 

Beard oil also comes with a beard strengthener variant to make your beard strong and firm.

5. Train and Soften

When maintaining your beard, make sure to keep the stray strands in place. You can do this by grooming and styling your beard using beard oil and wax. Comb your beard to set them in a single direction.

With a well-tended beard, you can gain a clean and sleek look without looking too rugged and rough. Beard oils help in softening the beard, keeping it from drying your skin out and making your beard coarse to the touch.

As you grow your beard, take your time to train your beard’s growth. Consider the use of a good brush to prevent your facial hair from being unruly, unless you have the genetic make-up that allows for neater facial hair growth.

When in doubt, go to a professional. A barbershop or parlor have trained experts who can help identify the problems with your beard. They can work on it and give you more tips to make it look as great as possible.

Beard Maintenance Is Easy to Manage

Taking care of your beard can be quite a challenge when you don’t know where to start. But with proper beard maintenance, it can become a process that yields the best results. In this case, you can wear a well-tended beard fitting for a gentleman of culture.

Wear it with pride.

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