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Styling the Perfect Coif: Hair Products for Men

When you've got a great head of hair, there's a very serious debate going on in the world of hair products for men when it comes to styling the perfect coif.

Styling the Perfect Coif: Hair Products for Men

Gone are the days when men can use the excuse that their bad hair is due to genetics. With all the great hair products for men on the market, it's all about how you style your hair that makes a statement.

But how exactly do you know what products to use to achieve the perfect coif? And how will you know the best product for your hair? They say the only way to know is to try... 

Wax On, Wax Off

This is the best option for those of you who have the goal to go from short hair to long. Wax gives a strong hold to short, unmanageable hair as it keeps it in place and provides great texture to work with.

Short haired guys aren't the only ones who can utilize hair wax. It's great for longer hair to provide those last minute finishing touches to keep everything in place. It's also a great compliment to those who take pride in their facial hair.

Wax is no longer a product just for hair. Wax is perfect for beard maintenance. You can even use hard wax to remove hair too. This tutorial shows you how to utilize the same products for both your hair and your beard.

Not Your Dad's Pomade

An age-old favorite, pomade gives your hair a slicked-back style that can make any man look put together. With a lot of shine and just the right amount of hold, pomade gives you the ability to reshape your hair throughout the day.

No more crunchy hair products for you. No sir. Pomade is one of the top tier hair product for men no matter the hair texture or style. A step down from gel, pomade gives you and your hair a more relaxed feel. But beware, this can get ugly real quick if too much product is applied.


Hands down the most popular men's hair product, gel is great for the guy on the go. Since it can be applied to wet hair, you won't have to wait around for your hair to dry before you style it.

Another benefit is that gel can be used on all hair types and lengths without hindering your ability to style however you like. But tread with ease. Gel is high in alcohol content which can severely dry out your hair and your scalp. If this is your product of choice, be sure to use in moderation.


And no, we aren't referring to the musical. Hairspray is a must have to keep that perfect coif in place. No longer is this a product just for women.

If you live in a warm or humid climate, hair spray helps control the frizz and maintain the style. You'll find that this isn't a product that you use on its own, but is used in addition to other styling tools.

Stock Up On Your Hair Products For Men

If you're in the market for great hair products for men, there are plenty to choose from. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can achieve the perfect coif in no time.

And if you haven't quite decided on your signature hairstyle, no fear! Read more about the top hairstyles for 2019 and make your next move!

Styling the Perfect Coif: Hair Products for Men