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Hop on the Men’s Self-Care Bandwagon This Spring and Tidy Up Your Grooming Routine

If you’re a guy living on your own, it’s easy to get comfortable in your own daily routine. Most of the time, you aren’t concerned with how your daily habits appear to anyone else because you live alone.

Everyone has their own methods of self-care, which are typically and inadvertently kept private. But once in awhile, if you’re entertaining a date over at your place, the products you use every day will likely be noticed.

Regardless of what these products are labeled or look like, they should not be hidden away, but admired.

The popularity of men’s self-care, though not always a hot topic, is on the rise, and there’s no better time to ride the wave than spring.

As winter comes to an end and spring creeps around the corner, lots of people will be coming out of their winter hibernations into the sun and fresh air.

For the guys who will be spending more time up and out of the house, spring’s arrival is the perfect excuse to put a little more time and effort into your self-care routine.

There are tons of products that men can incorporate into their daily routine this spring that will get them out of their winter slump and prepare them for warmer seasons!

Men’s Moisturizer

Moisturizers are a fairly common self-care product used by men and women that has a vast number of benefits.

Though many moisturizers can be used by both men and women, there are certain creams manufactured specifically to target a man’s skin. When compared to women’s skin, men’s skin is found to be thicker, more oily, and due to repetitive shaving, more sensitive.

This is why it’s important to have a moisturizer with the necessary ingredients to fight the very chemicals that put men’s skin at risk. Plus, considering the lack of sun and dry winter air, a good moisturizer can give your skin the burst of life it needs to even skin tone and liven up your complexion.

Lively and illuminated skin will give you the confidence you need be comfortable and present for your date.

Men’s Eye Cream

As we age, we become more and more susceptible to the repercussions of stress and time.

One area of the skin that is especially vulnerable to the aging process is under the eyes. Dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines can be signs of skin crying out for help. Though moisturizers and eye creams serve a very similar anti-aging purpose, eye creams have unique ingredients that will be better fit to reduce puffiness, refine wrinkles and brighten complexion under the eyes.

If the winter has taken its toll in your under-eyes, it’s a good idea to look into the many different kinds of eye creams to see which one will benefit your skin type the most.

One study shows that as much as 84% of men between the ages of 18-44 participate in facial skincare, so there’s plenty of time for a guy to hop on the bandwagon if he hasn’t already.

Hair Loss Treatment

The long stretch of winter months can discourage you from catering to the aspects of your self-care that you’ve been meaning to get to.

If one of these problems for you is hair loss, then you’re not alone. Scientists have claimed that about two-thirds of men will have experienced some level of hair loss by the age of 35, while 85% of men will have experienced hair loss by the age of 50.

For those who are part of the large group going through this complication, there are many common treatments for hair loss that can take the form of edible gummies or topical solutions like finasteride.

The spring season will likely bring you up and out of the house more often, so if hair loss is something hurting your self-confidence on dates, do not worry because there are many solutions out there to help.

Beard Oil

Men of all different backgrounds, careers, and personal styles have beards or facial hair of some degree. Whether that facial hair is scruff, stubble, or a beard down to the chest, beard oils can benefit any man who values a nice, healthy beard.

The natural ingredients that make up beard oils are carrier and essential oils, which contribute to the health, styling and even smell of a beard. Just as routine shampooing and conditioning the hair on your head is performed, the same should be done to facial hair with beard oils.

Beard oils smooth, soften and hydrate beards to prevent flaking and dry skin beneath facial hair. When you add to that the smell of the essential oils, it almost seems crazy for a beardsman not to have this product in their medicine cabinet.

Using beard oil is taking that extra step toward impressing your date and upgrading your style.


An essential part of a beardsman’s grooming routine is the tool with which he grooms.

Being that there are so many different kinds of trimmers out there, it can be hard to know what kind of trimmer is the right one for you. If you’re taking the time to style and cater to your facial hair, then getting the appropriate trimmer is crucial.

While the price and brand of a beard trimmer is obviously important, you also need to consider characteristics like how it’s powered. If your trimmer needs to be plugged in, is it going to reach where you do your grooming? If not, is there a sufficient amount of battery life for the respective price?

Regardless of whether your beard is long or short, the right trimmer will need to have the settings appropriate for the length you plan to style your beard. Spring is the perfect excuse to go all out on your trimmer, and the effort you put into your beard will show your date you want to look the best you can for them.

A grooming or self-care routine can take up a significant portion of not only our days but our lives.

That being said, we should always be taking the necessary time and resources to ensure we’re benefitting from it as best we can.

When your date is over at your house and sees you’re dedicated to self-care, you’ll have shown them an impressive level of maturity and be off to a great start.

Hop on the Men’s Self-Care Bandwagon This Spring and Tidy Up Your Grooming Routine