Hair Extensions
June 06, 2023

Should I Wear a Wig or Hair Extensions?

When it comes to hair issues and hairstyles, the quest for perfect solutions never ends. No wonder the popularity of wigs and extensions remains great as more men and women seek remedies for hair loss or damage.  If you are looking for the best hair products check Boots vouchers at Latest Deals. 

Authentic hair extensions & wigs can be the perfect solutions to switch up hairstyles whenever you want to. They act as an addition or a replacement to natural hair and cover damaged or problematic hair. The ultimate question is whether hair extensions or wigs resolve your hair problems. It is crucial to consider your unique hair issues, not just your preferences, to optimize the benefits of what you’ll choose to buy.

To help you decide which suits you best, here’s a comparison between hair extensions and wigs:

Hair extensions

Hair extensions are wefts of hair that can be glued, sewn, or clipped into your natural locks. A hair extension is perfect if your main concern is to make your hair look longer or thicker. It is recommended for people with normal, healthy hair because natural hair serves as a base for your extensions.

When choosing the right extension that seamlessly blends with the strands of your natural hair, you need professional advice from a hair specialist. For a long-lasting and secure fitting, extensions should be professionally done. There should be no visible glue, rings, or tapes that can spoil the feel and look of your dream hairstyle. Prices vary depending on the material used, application method, or post-application care. The most expensive are fusion extensions, while the cheapest are the clip-ins.

There are different application methods for hair extensions:

  • Fusion bond hair extensions
  • Tape hair extensions
  • Braided sew-in hair extensions
  • Nano ring hair extensions
  • Micro ring hair extensions


  • A long-lasting result which is up to several months, provided proper care is observed
  • Authentic look and feel, especially if you opt for natural human hair extensions
  • It can be tailored to give your preferred hair volume and length, eliminating the long wait for the hair to grow 
  • The application methods make the extensions more secure when incorporated with your natural hair, withstanding different environments and conditions.


  • It cannot be incorporated into breaking or thinning hair because the additional weight of wefts can cause more damage to already fragile strands.
  • Impossible to be fitted when you suffer from hair loss since the wefts of hair need to be installed to your natural hair.
  • Time-consuming since the fittings of wefts can take several hours, depending on the application you choose.
  • It can be pricey, especially if you choose natural human hair extensions. In addition, you have to spend for the aftercare sessions.


Wigs are removable head coverings. The strands of hair are fitted to a cap and glued to create wigs. Hair can be human hair, synthetic fiber, or animal hair. They come in handy when you want to match your hairstyle with outfits or events. Wigs also cover an expansive area, which is the best if you have scalp or hair problems.

In addition, they are also a good option when you want to hide specific spots that are balding or recovering. There is such a thing called a half-wig that is attached to the scalp. It is ideal when you want to fill in sparse areas.


  • Wigs can be a quick and easy option to change your hairstyle since they come in different styles, colors, lengths, and patterns.
  • Wigs can instantly add length or volume when you need it.
  • Convenient solution when you are itching for a total change of color without damaging your natural hair
  • Last longer when cared for properly, resulting in a lower cost of maintenance..
  • Protect the natural hair as wigs eliminate the need to color, cut, or use a heated styling tool.
  • Allow the natural hair beneath the wig to rest or recover from existing damage, leading to healthier natural hair.
  • A great remedy for hair loss or balding issues, whether due to genetics or health-related.


  • Prone to falling and slipping since wigs are not secured to the head.
  • Needs the right application method and glue to ensure that they fit perfectly.
  • It can be uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing a wig cap all day long.
  • It can be difficult to adjust to.
  • Should not be slept into or used while showering to avoid tangling and damaging the hair
  • Time-consuming and inconvenient because you need to remove and reapply the wig when you need it.
  • Requires proper washing and treatment to keep the wig in excellent condition.


If you have thinning hair, a wig is ideal. If you have a normal type of hair, the best choice is hair extensions. Nevertheless, the decision lies in your needs. Now that you know the pros and cons of opting for either hair extensions or wigs, it will be easy to decide on the best.