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How to Look and Stay Younger - Tips for Youthful Skin

Looking and staying young as you age can seem like a difficult task. There are tons of creams, serums, lotions, and other products on the market that promise to help you stay youthful-looking, but how do you know where to start?

And who has time for slathering products on their skin all the time? But there are some very simple and easy ways that you can ensure you remain youthful and younger than your age for years to come.

Eat more fats

Specifically, omega-3 fatty acids are known for many benefits, one of which is reducing the inflammation in the body that can contribute to various signs of aging. Two grams of omega-3 fatty acids are recommended daily to reap the benefits, which you can easily get from eating plenty of fish such as wild salmon or eating walnuts. If you're not able to get enough from your diet, consider supplementing with a quality fish oil supplement.

Do yoga

Yoga can improve mood, give you greater flexibility and better posture, reduce stress and increase energy. All of these things can help you look younger, but there are even more benefits to yoga.

Yogic breathing can also oxygenate your body's cells, and this can leave your skin looking radiant, which is another sign of youth. It will also rejuvenate your digestive system, immune system and reproductive system, all of which will also lead to a more youthful appearance. Just two yoga sessions a week can be enough to see some benefits.

Manage your hormones

Cortisol leads to weight gain and foggy thinking, and a lack of progesterone can give you sleepless nights, while low testosterone can send your libido through the floor. All of these can also age you.

By determining your hormone levels and getting them back into the normal range if any are out of whack, you can often improve the way you look and feel, even if you can't stop the process of chronological aging.

Get plenty of sleep

Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is what's recommended by the experts, though this can vary from person to person. While you sleep, your body is in something like a "repair" mode. In this mode, damage from that day is repaired and the body is prepped to handle whatever's coming in the future.

Without enough sleep, damage goes unrepaired, along with the lack of sleep creating its own damage. You may need more or less sleep than what's recommended, but the fact remains: getting enough sleep is vital to looking and feeling your best and most youthful.

Cleanse and moisturize skin daily

It can be tempting to go to sleep with your makeup on at the end of a long day. But daily cleansing and moisturizing of the skin is a key component to looking younger. Skip regular soap and opt for a gentle facial wash that washes away makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

Follow up immediately with a quality skin moisturizer, and avoid skin toners. Do this twice a day for beautiful, healthy skin.

Professional skin treatments

If you've spent years in the sun without protection, eating less-than-healthy foods, and skipping a good face-washing routine, there may be damage to your skin already that you're not sure how to reverse.

Professional treatments can help with this. You could try chemical peels, microneedling collagen induction therapy, facials, dermafillers, exfoliation, or dermaplaning to get your skin back into shape.

Visiting an Aesthetic and Cosmetic Specialist like can give you a holistic approach to a more youthful appearance. You can get skin treatments for an immediate improvement, along with a plan for treating any underlying conditions so that you can continue to look and feel younger long after the initial treatment is over.

Looking and feeling younger is about more the simply slathering on a bunch of products that promise to make you look better.

Diet, proper skin care, and taking good care of yourself in general will help improve the appearance of your skin. You are only as old as you feel, and with a few tweaks, you can feel younger than ever.

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