How to Style your hair Using Hairbrushes for Men
September 14, 2020

Here's How You Can Style Using Hairbrushes for Men

Every day while scrolling through on social media you come across photos of striking male models and clean-cut celebrities with perfectly tamed locks!

Don’t you wonder, “How do they get such perfect hairstyles?”

The key to getting such flawless looking hair daily with the correct definition and style is volume. It plays an integral role in achieving these insta-worthy looks.And, the most convenient way to add volume to hair is also the simplest - using the right hair brush!

But, using hair brush for men depends significantly on the hair type. So, first considergetting the right hair brushas per your hair typeto get the right volume.

Hairbrushes for Men

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These are some common hair types and the hair brushes that should be used to style them flawlessly:

  • Straight Thin Hair

The rule to determine straight hair: if your hair doesn't bend within the first 3 inches of length from the scalp, it is straight.

Here are some features that determine thin straight hair:

  • Your hair has fragile texture and needs to be brushed carefully
  • Usually, it is lightweight and tends to fall flat over the head
  • It is challenging to increase your hair’s volume
  • Also, it tends to get weighed down by hair products

Such a hair type requires a vented hair brush for men.This all-purpose hair brush styles your hair without flattening its shape orchanging the texture. The bristles are flexible, widely spaced, and they pass through hair smoothly.

If you have this hair type, choose a side-parting hairstyle to get the right look.

  • Straight Thick Hair

The key points that distinguish straight thick hair from thin hair are:

  • Straight, thick hair has more scalp coverage
  • It takes more time to dry
  • Since the texture is not as fragile as thin hair, it can be styled in different ways easily
  • It can have additional volume if layered correctly using a hair brush
  • Due to its thick texture, it is more heat-resistant

When you research online hair brush for men with straight, thick hair, you will find that mostly a paddle brush is recommended by experts. This hair brush for men effectively flattens out the frizz and adds a somewhat shiny look to the hair. Also, its bristles prevent the hair from getting split or stretched out.

For straight, thick short hair, you can slick it backwards to create a professional look. Otherwise, use a hairdryer and let the hair sit naturally.

  • Wavy Hair

You have way hair if:

  • It has wave-like patterns in the form of slight curvesor bends
  • They resemble loose and stretched out S-shapes
  • Also,  this hair type has a lot of flexibility and can be styled in different ways

Round hair brush for men is perfect for this hair type. It is available in various sizes and bristles. The smaller ones form tighter curls and add volume. They give a more defined look to the hair.

If you want to style your curls or create wavy patterns, this hair brush for men is the right choice. Also, you can opt for hairstyles in which the strands have to bend more.

  • Coiled Hair

Curly hair with large curls has these features:

  • The hair strandscreate a distinct S-shape within the first two inches from the scalp
  • Hair strands can be coarse or fine
  • Hair covers a large area on the head adding volume
  • Coarse hair strands are prone to frizziness
  • With finer strands, it is challenging to create well-defined curls

You will findeoval hair brussh for men when you explorehair brushes for men online. This version of the paddle brush is suitablefor redistributing hair oils. They have tightly packed bristles.

Style Your Hair with Finesse

Choosing the right hair brush will get you long-lasting and good-looking results every time.Buy the best hairbrush for yourself after you consider the points above. There are many hair brushes for men available in the market, opt for luxury brands like Vega. They offer premium quality products and have a wide range of hair brushes for men. Visit the website and add a hair brush to your cart today!

How to Style your hair Using Hairbrushes for Men