Beard Care - Where To Start?
November 22, 2018

Beard Care - Where To Start?

It is true that some say that the beard is supposed to hide the crisis of masculinity in the modern world, so at least the beard can mark its strength, position and advantage over the weaker - supposedly - half of humanity, that is, over the ladies, which cannot be pushed into the background.

However, whatever the motivation of a contemporary lumberjack from a metropolitan environment (small-town and rural as well), it is necessary to know that the beard must be properly groomed.

Here is a compendium that will allow both bearded man and their more beautiful halves to move around the mysterious world of bearded elixirs much easier.

Beard brush

The beard brush is a basic "cosmetic" in the fight against the dry skin under the chin and peeling epidermis.

Regular beard brushing not only improves the shape of the beard because the beard "catches" volume and is better formed but also gives the beard a natural healthy shine, by restoring sebum production to the right level.

In addition, "attacking" the face and chin with a brush stimulates blood circulation in the skin, which gives the body a signal to transport the necessary nutrients to this area.

Combine regular beard brushing with the right diet and your beard will have the optimal conditions for growth!

Beard oil

This is a smooth definition of a bearded lifestyle and an absolute must-have in the arsenal of every bearded person.

And anyone who has ever grown a beard for more than a few days knows perfectly well that using beard oil is not just another marketing stitch, it's just a necessity.

The production of sebum drops while the beard is being grown. As a result, the skin begins to dry out and becomes sensitive to irritation and growing short and sharp hairs don't make life easier.

That is why it is so important not only to get rid of the dead epidermis and restore sebum production to the right level but also to moisturize the beard and face skin. And this is where the beard oil has to show off.

The oil intensively moisturizes the chin and skin underneath it. This prevents it from drying out and minimizes irritation.

Additionally, it closes the hair, protecting the beard from the smells of the surroundings such as exhaust fumes, food or cigarettes. And thanks to its ethereal ingredients, it smells great and is able to replace even the best perfumes.

It also has one more hidden power. Regular use of the oil makes the beard much softer and more pleasant to the touch, which is especially appreciated by the women.

The product quickly became a bestseller in beard care, which brought many new brands onto the market. You can buy it at Amazon or typical drugstore around the corner.

But not every brand and every beard oil is good for your beard and also good for your facial skin. One of the popular beard oils are Beard and Shave Bartöl, Big Red, Brooklyn Soap Company or Bullfrog.

Beard lotion

The most controversial of cosmetics for beard care and at the same time the most universal of all of them. Some say that it is completely unnecessary. Others say that without it they cannot imagine leaving home.

The beard balm is such a "2 in 1" bearded world of elixirs. It not only allows you to control the protruding hair, or properly shape the beard, but also moisturize it properly. That's why many men put it first on their must-have list.

Beard wax

Thanks to the high content of beeswax, beard wax allows you to position your beard exactly the way you like it. So wherever a lotion can't do anymore, it's worth reaching for beard wax.

Just remember that wax is very different from beard lotion in terms of consistency. It is much more compact and often needs to be heated up to reach a state that allows its precise application.

But what is not done to get the right effect, right?

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