Top 42 Beard Style For 2019 #beard #beards
October 06, 2018

Top Beard Styles For 2019 (Plus All 42 Styles!) [Ultimate Guide]

2019 is a great year to grow a beard. With so many styles being worn by men all around the world, you’ve never had a better opportunity to make a stubbly statement. The question is, which styles are going to make the most impact?

This is not an easy question to answer because every face is different and needs its own unique stylistic TLC to work well. Even so, the top beard styles for 2019 are ready to wear and will most certainly look great on the right face.

In case the top three styles don’t work for you, not to worry. Make sure to check out all 42 beard styles and try one that looks like it will work for you.

Top 42 Beard Style For 2019 #beard #beards

Finding The Right Beard For You 

With Just A Few Considerations, You’ll Be Sporting an Enviable Badass Beard

When it comes to choosing a beard style that truly works for you, there are a few considerations you need to pay attention to. Most importantly, pay attention to the shape of your face, the fullness of growth (or lack thereof), skin type, and hair type.

With just these four primary factors you will know exactly the kinds of styles that will suit your countenance the most.

Overview of Things to Consider:

  • Face shape – Round, square, triangular, oval, diamond, and rectangular.
  • Fullness – Grizzly, thick, average, thin, patchy.
  • Skin Type – Normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive.

Hair Type - Straight, curly, thick, average, thin, peach fuzz.

Once you nail down your specifics, it’s time to begin narrowing down your options.

The Top Beard Styles for 2019

Keep an eye out for these popular styles. Are You Wearing One?

First, there are many trendy styles that look awesome. For instance, styles like the Garibaldi and the Bandholz (a Garibaldi with longer moustache) can help you stand out from the crowd.

However, most guys can’t sport the trendier styles for various reasons, often related to traditional sociocultural career expectations. Whether you’re expected to attend a board meeting or a surfboard, these most popular beard styles of 2019 are worn by some of the most influential men around.

Designer Stubble – The #1 Most Popular Beard Style

There must be something compelling about having just enough of the wiley whiskers to make an impact. While designer stubble is a seemingly simple beard to grow, don’t underestimate its ability to give you that distinguished yet badass look.

One of the best things about this style, and likely the reason it’s so popular, is that it complements nearly any hairstyle you can think of.

From top-knots to detailed fades, when you’re sporting designer stubble you can be sure you are going to make a stylistic impact.

The Full Goatee –  #1 Runner-Up Most Popular Beard Style

The full goatee seems to stay in the top five beard styles every single year. There is something endearing about the way a well-groomed full goatee looks on the right face.

It carries a certain timeless and unassuming classiness that can be worn with nearly any hairstyle, and in nearly any environment.

Whether you have an edge for adventure finding yourself in the misty morning wilds of the backcountry, or your only adventure is skillfully avoiding traffic on the way to the office, the full goatee will serve you well.

The Short-Boxed Beard - #2 Runner-Up Most Popular Beard Style

The short-boxed beard is a corporate favourite. It’s a bit more refined than the designer stubble giving you a purposeful look. It grows between one to two inches in length and is well-kept, with almost obsessive detail.

Keeping the short boxed beard looking so great can be a chore. However, your gains are worth the effort. Get some quality grooming tools and some beard oil to really make sure you get the most of this ubersexual beard style.

The 42 Beard Styles Ultimate Reference Guide

As promised, here are the 42 beard styles to reference when looking into growing the enviable beard you know you have inside you.

Remember, these are only guidelines and are all open to slight adjustments here and there to accommodate your specific needs. Your badass beard is on the horizon!

Top 42 Beard Style For 2019 #beard #beards