Guide to Wet Shaving
July 12, 2023

A Concise Beginner’s Guide to Wet Shaving

Guide to Wet Shaving

Despite its long history and classic nature, the act of wet shaving might seem daunting to those unfamiliar with it. And if you also don’t know how to wet shave to perfection, go on reading.  

Wet shaving has been popular among men since time immemorial. Not only does it help to remove unwanted hair quickly and effortlessly but also acts as a powerful meditative ritual setting the tone for the whole day.   

Mo matter if you’re a long-time connoisseur of wet shaving, reacquainting yourself with this ritual, or just taking your first steps to clean face grooming, this post is exactly what you need. 

What is Wet Shaving

In essence, wet shaving is the good old technique which involves removing facial hair with a traditional cut throat or safety razor close to wet skin. 

To perform this procedure, you need some hot water, your favorite manual razor, a shaving foam, gel, or crème. For a more authentic feel, you may also want to invest in a shaving brush for lathering shaving soap. 

Shaving with water can be the best choice for those who strive for a closer and cleaner shave. At the same time, the owners of sensitive complexions might find this version of hair removal a bit uncomfortable or completely unacceptable due to the razor’s direct contact with skin and irritation it may cause. Luckily, today’s market offers a wide range of men’s shaving sets and individual products that can suit any skin type and satisfy even the choosiest of customers.

Once you decide on the men’s shaving supplies and have all the necessary shaving products on hand, you’re all set to perform a quality wet shave on yourself. And if you want this procedure to be as safe and hassle-free as possible, follow our recommendations on wet shaving for beginners.  

#1 Prep Your Skin and Hair 

A good soak is essential for preparing your hair for the subsequent shave. Warm water and steam can also prep your skin for the shave, making it softer and easier to glide your razor over. 

 You can either start shaving right after taking a shower or just apply a warm towel to your face. The latter procedure will open pores and soften up hair follicles. Moreover, it’s just great for relaxation and relieving any tension in your face. 

If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, a good idea would be to use some lotion or any other pre-shave product that can moisturize your skin and prime your hair for removal.  

#2 Choose the Right Shaving Cream  

Commercial aerosol shaving creams might be convenient and easy-to-use options for most users. Still, if you want to pamper your skin with a truly luxurious treatment, you would be well-advised to invest in natural shaving soap. You can easily lather your soap with a badger brush, another great tool you can get from the shaving supply store. 

Old-school shaving creams can also be a good alternative. Just put some cream into a bowl and add a few drops of water to it. Soak your brush in hot water and while it’s still wet, whisk it over the mixture to achieve a fully homogeneous consistency. 

#3 Shave It! 

Apply your crème with a brush in a circular motion until the foam evenly covers the area that needs grooming. While administering the shaving product, try to lift your hairs a little bit for a closer and smoother shave. 

Traditional wet shaving calls for a really sharp razor. A sharp instrument will eliminate the need for excessive pressure on your skin, as well as the number of passes, which means less irritation. So, make it your rule to regularly replace your blade cartridges or invest in a quality old-school straight razor that doesn’t require sharpening. 

Most shaving guides for beginners would advise you against shaving against the grain of your beard, and for good reason. If you’re new to wet shaving, your skin might need some time to get acclimated to razor and other shaving solutions. So, if you choose to go with the grain of your hair, you can reduce the chances of developing irritation and razor bumps (ingrown hairs.)

Post-Shave Routine 

Now that you know how to wet shave, you want to learn more about your post-shave routine.

Wash your face with cool water to remove any traces of your shaving product. 

Pat dry with a soft clean towel and apply some aftershave lotion, balm, or dedicated cream. Opt for the alcohol-free products that contain anti-inflammatory components and natural moisturizers, which can help reduce redness and soothe your skin. 

Make sure to test all products before using them and always keep your skin type in mind when shopping. 

Beginner’s Guide to Wet Shaving