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Why You Should Learn to Wet Shave like Grandpa

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When it comes to removing the whiskers on your cheeks you most likely use either a cartridge razor or an electric shaver. Some of you may even use both and own multiple of these shavers. What if I told you that you can get the closest shave of your life using only one razor blade?

Big business and their advertising budget have led us to believe we need more razor blades on our shaver. How many blades are you using now? Three or five blades? Well, let me explain why you should learn to wet shave like grandpa.

Single Blade vs Multiple Blades

You’ve probably seen pictures of men several decades ago that were clean shaven with smooth cheeks. They didn’t have the five bladed razors we’re using today and they got a better shave than we do now.

Multiple blades only count as additional passes over the skin in a single stroke. One stroke of a modern razor runs 5 blades across the skin so that’s 5 passes. That’s why more men today have problems with skin irritation, razor burn, and other shaving related issues.

If you have sensitive skin, you may now see why these cartridge razors are a bad idea.

With a single blade shaver like a safety razor, each stroke is only one pass over the skin. You can get a closer shave in only two passes with a safety razor and have a lower chance of irritating your skin.

You almost have to see it to believe it and there’s plenty of videos demonstrating these results on YouTube if you want to take a quick look.

Compare the Cost

One of the big reasons more people are moving back to safety razors and wet shaving is because the cost of cartridge razors are too high. To buy replacements for a cartridge razor you’re spending over $20 for 5 heads.

Compare that price to the average of $10 for 100 blades to use a safety razor. You get several shaves out of the single blade just as you do with a cartridge razor. You can quickly see the amount of money you can save every year on razor blades alone.

The initial starting price is slightly higher because you’re getting a solid metal safety razor. However, this razor is going to last you a very long time and honestly there not that expensive. If you’re new to wet shaving I would recommend looking at the Merkur 34C HD.

Family Bonding

If you’re a family man, the art of wet shaving can be a great skill to teach to your son. It’s the perfect exercise to bond with your son and teach him a valuable skill. It will be something he’ll teach his own son down the road.

If you get into collecting some of the finer safety razors, there's some out there that are able to be passed down. These are some very high-quality safety razors but not something I recommend for a beginner.

Before You Go!

I hope you’ll give wet shaving and safety razors a try. There’s really no downside to swapping to them and you’re going to save a lot of money. The learning curve isn’t too bad either. You’ll be able to pick up the skill quite easily.

If you’ve got an opinion on wet shaving and safety razors, please share it by leaving a comment.

Author Bio: Wesley is the owner of iManscape.com. A site for men, beards, and manscaping. To see more from him, like this post on disposables, check out his website or like iManscape on Facebook.

How to wet shave like a grandpa

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