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8 Simple And Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Permed Hair

You will find all the tips and tricks you need to know about taking care of your permed hair in this article.

 Take Care Of Your Permed Hair

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You permed your hair to get permanent waves or curls for a certain length of time, did you know that perming has been around for over ten decades? Even if you didn’t, you can probably guess that the techniques to perm hair have largely evolved over the years.

Nonetheless, it is a chemical treatment, and once you get it done, you must take care of your hair properly to prevent excess damage. Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of your skin and the rest of your body.

Read on to get acquainted with different factors involved in  taking care of permed hair. To find more beauty-related tips, visit beautygab.com.

1. Avoid Hairstyles That Are On The Tighter Side Of Life

After a perm treatment, your hair is already sensitive, and excessive pressure will only cause more damage. Thus, it would be best to opt out of elastic bands as they are prone to breaking hair. You may choose accessories that have a thicker, cloth-bound cover instead. For example, hairbands that are made of thick fabric.

You can apply a serum or cream to protect your tresses further. Another chic and safe way to style your hair would be by incorporating a silk scarf.

2. Protect Your Locks From The Sun

You may already know that UV rays are harmful to your hair. Their damaging effect is sadly multiplied in chemically-treated locks. You can create a protective shield by applying nourishing hair oil, especially after going to the swimming pool or the sea. Damage may also be prevented or reversed using hair masks.

You should refrain from overwashing your hair, as shampoo strips off your hair's natural oils. You may opt for dry shampoo on days you won't wash your hair. A stylish way to protect yourself is by throwing on a hat. The material used for the hat and the size also matters. A wide-brimmed and tightly woven one would be the most suitable to protect you from the sun.

Last but not least, don't forget about your scalp, as only a healthy scalp will help to keep your hair healthy. You can try leave-in treatments according to the specific needs of your hair.

3. Use Products Specifically Designed For Permed Hair

You may already have a certain shampoo and conditioner pairing that suits your hair best. However, once you get your hair permed, discuss the products with your stylist. Most of the timet, chemically treated hair has specific requirements.

Generally, you should opt for shampoos that nourish and hydrate your locks. It would be best to avoid products containing parabens; they may frazzle and dehydrate your curls.

4. Don't Miss Out Using a Conditioner

Since perming messes with your hair's natural moisture, you need to use a conditioner to revive it.

Once you wash the shampoo completely, spread out the recommended amount of conditioner evenly on your hair, avoiding your scalp. Run your fingers through your tresses to incorporate them properly. In most cases, you won't be required to leave it for more than one minute. Then, thoroughly rinse the conditioner off.

These conditioners often contain chemicals, and even if you are not willing to use more chemicals on your hair, you may opt for a leave-in conditioner. These are mostly made of organic and less heavy raw ingredients.

You have to gently dry your hair using a towel and then put the leave-in conditioner according to the instructions provided. Avoiding the crown of your head, you should then use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to work through it. After that, you can either allow your hair to dry naturally or continue with styling.

5. Regular Touch-ups Are A Must

Perms usually last for at least three months, and for long hair, they may last up to half a year. As a result, touch-ups are an important step to maintain your curls. First and foremost, do not try to perform touch-ups at home if you do not have adequate knowledge and experience. You need to prepare your hair properly, not leave the liquid in for too long, use the right kind of rods, or apply the perm solution all over, among many other things.

It is better to head to the salon every six months or sooner if required and splurge a few extra bucks to maintain your gorgeous tresses.

6. Stay Away From Dying Your Hair

Perming already puts your hair under chemical stress, and it would be best for you to avoid a coloring treatment during the first few weeks of getting a perm. If you wish to get a perming treatment and dye your hair, it is advisable to get a perm first since perming may fade your hair color.

You should get a trim before perming and coloring if you are planning for a whole new look and want to top it off with a haircut. After perming, you have a wider choice of colors as you can pick different dyes for your curls and crown area.

7. Design A New Haircare Routine

Since perming will considerably change your hair type, there should be a change in your hair care regimen to adapt accordingly.

Look into specific products, take advice from your stylist, try out new items and discover what keeps your curls the healthiest and makes your locks look the best. An elaborate routine can help you stay calm as well.

8. Limit Use Of Hot Styling Tools

The reason for this limitation is fairly obvious. Your permed hair is more prone to damage, as mentioned once before as well.

There might be certain instances where it is impossible to stay away from heating tools. You should try to opt for heat protectant products for such cases.


Taking care of your health and diet is important, thus it is normal to be worried about the inherent damage caused by chemical treatments and confused about how to minimize and further prevent it. While perming your hair can make it more prone to breakage and other issues, proper care can still let you have flaunt-worthy hair health. The tips mentioned above will help you keep your permed hair healthy and smooth.