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5 Tips On How to Have The Perfect Shave

Ever finished your shaving and you noticed bumps all around the shaved area? I bet it is painful and a little irritating. Shave bumps end up making the thought of having a nightmare.

You really can't do without shaving; you don't want to look like Robinson Crusoe on the island. So here are 5 tips you can use to get a perfect and a bump-free shave.

1. Razor check.

Safety razors get dull with use. After using it for a couple of times, it may not be as sharp as it should be and using a dull razor can cause skin abrasions and a lousy shave.

After 6 - 11 usages, the razor should be changed, but you can use this trick to keep the razor sharp for as long as possible, even months.

Run the blade up and down your jeans trouser, for about 20 times in the opposite direction you shave your hair. Doing this helps your razor last for longer.

2. Trim first, and wet the shaving area

If the hair you want to shave is long, it is advised that you trim it a little before shaving, this is so that the hair won't get lodged in the razor blades quickly. This may end up dulling your razor quicker than expected.

So using small scissors trim off excess hair and wet the area you want to shave. Wetting it makes it easier to shave.

You can have your bath before shaving but if it is not possible, use warm water or a hot towel to dab your face.

A hot towel is advised because heat is needed to open up the skin pores and helps you get the perfect shave.

Shaving a cold or dry face is one of the causes of razor bumps.

3. Work up Lather

The shaving proper should be started by applying your shaving cream and working up a lather. Your shaving cream should be able to make your skin soft, keep it moisturized and nourished during and after the process, and it should be natural enough to not cause skin reactions, Coconut shaving cream is always advised because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Apply a little to the already damp hair and massage in a circular motion into your skin. The lather will enable your razor glide over your skin smoothly. It will also keep you moisturized as you shave and eliminate skin cuts and abrasions.

4. Go along the grain.

Whatever direction your hair grows in is called the grain. Shave along with it not against it.

Shaving in the opposite direction of the grain cause razor bumps and you may cut your skin. You won't like the feeling.

So if your hair grows right, shave right. If left, shave left. Let your shaving stroke be short too. Do not attempt to shave a great deal of hair at once.

5. Soothe and moisturize after shaving.

Shaving removes the top, dead layer of the skin. It can also strip the skin of protection and expose it to bacteria and can clog its pores. This can lead to bumps or skin irritation. You can wash the skin with warm water to Wash off the shaving cream.

Clean your face with an antiseptic cleanser preferably one that has tea tree oil and witch Hazel. Then apply a soft over-the-counter moisturizer on your face to protect it and keep your shave perfect.

5 Tips On How to Have The Perfect Shave