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How to Achieve the Perfect Shave with a Safety Shaving Razor

If you have a problem of highly sensitive skin along with tough beard, you definitely need to have a special razor which is designed especially keeping your sensitive skin in mind.

Also if you are professionals who need to drum up the shave every day the skin is likely to get sensitive and hence perfect safety razors are needed for such skin type. It is also important to know how to use a cut throat razor for your own safety. If you are facing such concerns, you are not all alone on the planet. The skin sensitivity is the concern of more than half of the population.

All the new wet shavers almost out there are in search for the best safety razor blades for sensitive skin. Everyone does not have skin sensitivity and tough beard. If you want to achieve the perfect shave with a safety razor some ideal tips are given below:

  • Rinse the skin with lukewarm water:

Take a lukewarm water shower and splash some water on the face. As you do this, the warm water tends to soften the beard; additionally, warm water dissolves some impurities such as dirt from the surface of the skin.

  • Apply pre-shaving oil:

The second step is to apply any oil on the face before the process of shaving. Wait for a few minutes so that oil is absorbed by the skin and hair completely. with the help of this oil the skin will be ideally moisturized and hence it becomes more flexible. The razor won’t drag by doing this and in this way, the probability of neck cuts and irritation are reduced considerably as well. When the oil is applied the beard hair will be soften and uplifted and that is why the shaving becomes easier.

  • Get your soap, brush and razor ready:

There are some steps to be followed during this procedure:

  • Fill your sink with lukewarm water and dip in it the brush and razor for few minutes. The bristles on the brush are softened by the warm water and in this way it becomes easier and comfortable to be applied on face. The blades of razor are also made much flexible as you do this.
  • On your shaving soap, add some little amount of water especially when it is in tin. Make it sure that the shaving soap is covered completely. The top layer of the soap will be moistened with the warm water and hence it becomes easier to load this moistened brush. If you want to be really efficient you can also apply pre shave on your skin to further enhance the skin moisture in the meanwhile.
  • Drop the water from the soap in the sink and remove the razor and brush both from it.
  • Squeeze out the excessive liquid from the brush until no water droplets fall from it. However, the bristles will remain damp.
  • Building the lather and applying it on the skin:
  • By swirling the bristles around the top of the soap for few seconds with minimum pressure load your brush with the soap. If you find swirling bit difficult try to add some more water to the brush. Much soap is not needed in this.
  • Dip the brush end in the water to moisten it well. In circular motions apply the soap on the skin, if you find spreading the soap difficult around your face add more water and repeat the procedure. Work it into fine lather. Until the brush glides across your face easily repeat the process. If you see larger bubbles it is an indication of excessive water. Add more soap in this case and repeat the procedure.
  • Cover all your face and neck with the soap uniformly.
  • Shave:

Using light pressure and gentle strokes, shave your facial skin and neck. You can get rid of all hair from neck and skin but if some hair is left you can repeat the procedure. People using double edge safety razors or straight safety razors often shave 2-3 times.

  • Rinse your face well and apply skin balm:

In the end, splash cold water on the face and neck to remove the soap remains from the skin. Making use of a clean towel to dry your skin gently, apply after shave balm to maintain the skin moisture and softness. You can also use natural astringents such as Aloe Vera to prevent the risk of skin irritation.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Shave with a Safety Shaving Razor