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5 Signs Its Time To Update Your Salon Furniture

The quality of your salon furniture is as vital as the service that you provide your clients. Your furniture plays a crucial role in your clients' satisfaction with the service you give them. You may style the best hairdos compared to your competitor, but you may find that clients would opt for your competitor's services simply because of the impact that furniture has on their experience. As a result, you may consider buying new salon furniture to ensure that your clients are comfortable while receiving hair or nail care services from you. But do you know where to begin? Worry not. Here are five signs that it's time to update your salon furniture.  

Your Salon Furniture

Clients Are No Longer Seated Comfortably  

When you notice that your clients are no longer comfortably seated, it's time to change the chairs in your salon. You may even hear some clients exclaim that they are not comfortable, and when you do, you should consider taking this seriously before they decide to move to another salon. Uncomfortable chairs may be in the form of a wobbly chair, bent chair legs, a hardened or torn seat, and one without a backrest.  

The result of an uncomfortable chair is that a client may experience physical pain that comes with poor posture while getting their hair done, for instance. They also won't enjoy the hairdo process, for they will be too conscious of finding the best position to make them feel comfortable. So if you're considering updating your salon furniture, consider visiting Karisma salon furniture and other similar shops. They can help you change your salon chairs for quality ones to provide your clients with maximum comfort.

The Mirrors Are Unclear  

Mirrors in your salon are necessary for your clients to see how they look before, during, and after their makeover process. As you work on their hair, they get to follow the stages and express whether they appreciate the path that the hairdo is going on or would wish for changes. Once the makeover is done, clients get to admire the result. Without clear mirrors, clients feel robbed of the chance to be a part of the process.  

Unclear mirrors come in the form of hazy, cracked, or dull surfaces which appear over time. Consider replacing any mirrors in this form for a better experience for your clients. If they have to wait to get home to appreciate the result of the hairdo, salons may face one of the many challenges that entrepreneurs face, which is losing their clients to competitors.  

Your Salon Furniture

Storage Is A Problem

Running a salon requires having the space to store items such as towels, hair products, blow driers, and any equipment involved in the process. When you don't have enough storage space, the salon may appear untidy as you'll have to resort to any tabletop space to place certain items. Storage helps clear the clutter and gives an impression of an organized business. It's also pleasing to be in an area that's well organized, as this enhances the relaxation in a salon space.

If you're struggling with storage in the salon, consider purchasing storage units, trolleys, or cabinets. These will help you clear your space and make it easier to find any items you may otherwise have struggled to find due to lack of storage.  

Wash Points Aren't User-Friendly

When your washing points are no longer user-friendly, it's time to change your furniture. You risk losing business if you experience sink blockages where clients aren't receiving quality hair wash sessions because of the poor water dynamics. The basin itself has to be comfortable and steady so that your client can rest their head without worrying about sudden basin shifting. The taps should also function by providing water pressure that results in quality, and the wash point seats should recline properly.  

You can tell whether clients are comfortable or not when getting their hair washed, as it's one of many's favorite parts of the process. The massaging of the scalp together with the scented hair products provides a pleasant experience. However, this won't be so if the wash points are compromised.  

Equipment Is No Longer Safe  

The hair equipment should be safe to use at all times. For example, if clients are getting burnt after getting into the dryer, you must change them right away. The thermostat may be faulty, or the cables will no longer be wired properly. In some cases, you may have to replace the equipment to avoid causing harm to your clients.  


Your salon furniture is a crucial dynamic for the product and service you are offering clients. By observing your clients and experiencing the furniture yourself, you can tell whether you need to change your chairs, replace the mirrors, and touch your storage systems. Watchpoints and hairpieces of equipment such as dryers are essential to note when clients' safety is compromised. Quality salon furniture is a part of customer service, which helps to set you apart from the competition.