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What Is The Difference Between The Levels of Tanning Beds in Salons?

With time, technology has drastically transformed the tanning technique. Earlier, people would bask under the sun or visit the beach to get the desired tan. With the introduction of indoor tanning techniques, tanning enthusiasts can enjoy the goodness of tanning minus all the hassles and harms that come with sun tanning.

If you have ever been to a vertical tanning booth, you might have wondered about all the different levels of tanning beds offered by the salon. As a customer, you must be aware of all the levels of tanning beds to get the most out of your salon visit.

Once you know how all the levels of tanning bed works on the skin, you can pick out the best one for your skin tone.

For the basis, the levels of tanning bed start with level 1 and keep increasing with the subsequent level. Apart from this topic, visiting this site would be ideal if you are looking for some good variety of sleigh beds.

So, let’s find out how each tanning bed level works.

The tanning bed Level 1 and 2 uses low-pressure bulbs. From Level 3 till Level 6, medium to high-pressure bulbs is used. Beds that use high-pressure bulbs emit less amount of UVB and a high amount of UVA rays.

UVA are the rays that make any skin to tan. Higher levels of tanning beds offer a higher amount of UVA rays, and thus, they bronze the skin much faster, and the tan lasts longer.

Most day spa Hampton roads salons offer Level 1 and Level 2 tanning beds to those who are new to the tanning salon or infrequent tanners. If you are looking for darker tan shade, you should go for higher Levels.

What should you look for when you tan?          

Level 1 Tanning Bed:

Level 1 tanning beds are the most basic tanning beds that take longer to tan. However, the price of the Level 1 tanning bed is low. Since it’s a low-level tanning bed, it emits UVB rays that can cause sunburn.

So, always make sure you use the tanning bed correctly. These tanning beds offer relaxing tanning experience to a person who can sit back or lay down just like on a beach. Those who want to maintain their tan or have basic tan on their skin will find good results with these beds.

Level 2 Tanning Bed:

When it comes to the use of lamp and pricing, Level 2 tanning beds are similar to Level 1 tanning beds. Besides this, Level 2 tanning beds are equipped with arm lamps and facial lamps to cover the areas where level 1 tanning bed can’t reach.

Some Level 2 tanning beds have either medium pressure bulbs or more number of low-pressure bulbs.

High-Level Tanning Beds:

The range of high-Level tanning beds is from 3 to 6. While most commercial salons only offer tanning beds up till 4, there are a few tanning spas where the full range of tanning beds are offered.

Higher Level tanning beds have more than 55 high-pressure bulbs. High-pressure bulbs emit more UVA rays that work wonder on the skin and penetrates deeper layers of the skin. If you wish to achieve darker shade in less time, you should opt for high-level tanning beds.