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5 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Toddlers

Whether your little boy or little girl has some quite luscious locks, and you are fed up with it getting everywhere and in everything, or rather everything getting in it, you will want to learn some easy styles that make life a little easier for your kid and for you. 

Toddlers are always up to something as they learn about life and the world, they will end up covered in everything from mud, to paint, to food, and if you can avoid getting it all in their hair, it’s a bonus! So, how? Getting the right hairstyle. 

Of course, a hairstyle is more than just keeping it out of… everything, but giving them a sense of personality, their style. Try a few out and see which is their favorite! 

If your toddler is lacking in the hair department you can always get baby hair growth products to help your little one's scalp on their way to some gorgeous locks. 

But, if you’re here we are assuming they have plenty of hair, and you aren’t sure what to do with it. 

Grooming Your Toddlers Hair

Sure, you always have the old-reliable ponytail up your sleeve, but what about something a little different? Sure, a lot of hairstyles for long hair are traditionally tailored to little girls, but toddler boys should have awesome hairstyles too. 

So, these are some unisex ideas, try a few out, see what works best, what they approve of most. Do not forget that toddlers’ scalps will be sensitive, and that you should always be gentle when you brush and tackle knots with a detangling brush!

#1. The Half-Hair Bun! 

Half of us out there love to rock a top knot, just like we do when we can’t be bothered to do much with our hair. It works well on short hair or long hair. 

You only raise up the hair on the top of the head into a bun and leave the rest flowing down. It's quite a favorite choice for toddlers, and we can see why. It’s so cute! 

If you have a little boy with some lovely hair, try this one out, it can be his first man bun! 

#2. The French Ponytail

It looks complicated, but rest assured it isn’t. It is also a great choice for toddlers with thin or short hair. You basically tackle small sections of hair and crisscross them over to other sections until you have a glamorous ponytail with some layers. 

It can look like a work of art. 

Start at the hairline and pull a wide section back, tying it with elastic and then split the hair in half and get another section of the same side and pull them together, and keep going! 

#3. The Pull-Through

This one is reserved for the kids with more hair, and it is easier than it seems to be. 

It is done in a similar way to the above option, instead of moving pieces to the side you move them under the main ponytail to create a bit of a poof. 

You want to create a deep parting first and then make a smaller ponytail at the front and another behind it. Create another in line with the others and loop. Keep going until you run out of hair, and you can even volumize it by loosening some of the hair! 

It looks so cool! 

#4. Side Sweep

If you want something easy, this is the one to go for. Simply part the hair to one side and pull the front over to the side with more hair, use a strong clip or pin to hold it there, if it doesn’t want to stay, use a hair tie first. 

You can also find some great clips for toddlers online that are just perfect for this style. 

If you want it looking extra sassy then pop the part you sweep across under the hair behind it and put some elastic there, so it looks almost grown up as a style! 

#5. ‘Mini’ French Braid

You can do a normal french braid or a mini one. If the hair is a bit short, falling 2 inches below the ears this should be one to do! 

Sweep the section with more hair to one side and use that, collect three small sections and cross each other towards the middle, take a bit more hair from the head each time you swoop. Do this over and over until it is done. 

These will be small, so don’t go too overboard, just take little bits! 

5 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Toddlers