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When & Where To Train To Build A Spartan Physique

PRES. This is Part II in our new series on "How To Build A Spartan Physique".  Read Part 1 Here

To truly develop a Spartan physique and mindset, training needs to become a priority.

This isn't just important as a method of getting fit and strong. It's equally important as a means of ridding yourself of the mental habits and tendencies to be soft and lazy.

So while it's possible to follow abbreviated workout routines and meet some of your physical goals, that's not the path of a Spartan.

Instead, we will be training often. The discipline that comes from it is the fire that will burn away the old you and replace it with something better, fitter and stronger!

You will be training five days a week. This 5-day routine will establish the feeling inside that training your body is as much part of your schedule as going to work or school or spending time doing other responsibilities.

It's this type of iron discipline that's possessed by professional athletes and soldiers. It's what separates the men from boys and what will quickly make your dream body a reality.

Each training session will clock in between 45 minutes and one hour, sometimes more depending on the amount and method of cardio.

This will never lead to overtraining as long as you are getting enough rest and eating a diet that isn't garbage.

Both sleep and dietary suggestions are included in this series. Follow them and you will never ever have to worry about overtraining working out five days a week.

Just don't think any of this will be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. Just ask the Spartans!

The Question of Where to Train

Most of us have at least a few options of where to train. Let's now consider the most popular and how well they work with our program:

Commercial Fitness Gym.

These are the chain gyms filled with people wearing spandex and repping away endlessly on the latest machines while pop music plays in the background.

These places are usually the last choice for our Spartan training. While it's still possible to get in a gruelling workout while ignoring the atmosphere. If other options are available I suggest you explore them.

Bodybuilder, Powerlifting or CrossFit Gym.

Any of these three are much better options. While their programs aren't quite Spartan, you can train seriously in these environments without being distracted by commercial fitness gym nonsense.

Just ignore any advice well-meaning personal trainers or staff may try to give about your program.

Too many chefs ruin the stew. Follow the ideas in our Series and see how well they work, rather than mixing things up and possibly not seeing the benefits of training like a Spartan!

Home Gym.

If you have a barbell, some dumbbells, a bench and a way to do heavy squats this is a favourite choice of many people who have used this program successfully. You can yell, play loud music, train at whatever time you wish.

The main thing is that friends and family know to not bother you while working out unless it's an absolute emergency.

Five days a week in a place fit for a Spartan to train. Do you think you can handle it?

Watch out for the part III of this series. 

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