"How To Build A Spartan Physique" #mens #fitness #body #building
October 01, 2018

Strength Training As Physique Building

PRES. We're launching a new series on "How To Build A Spartan Physique". We'll be publishing a series of articles to help you build your dream physique. 


If you spend any amount of time inside a mainstream gym, you'll see lots of people pushing around lightweights. Not just light weights for you (let's face it everyone has to start somewhere, don't they?), but light weights for THEM.

This isn't how you build a Spartan body.

In fact, that's not how you really efficiently build anyone up to being fit, aside from the very few who are blessed with miracle genetics.

We're taking the opposite approach. Perhaps, a harder one, but one which offers quicker and more abundant rewards. We're training to get STRONG.

With strength comes function, health and a fine physique. A physique that's both “show” and “go.”

This is much better than the alternative, trust me.

Breaking Free from the Myths of Bodybuilding

New school bodybuilding brings with it many faulty ideas and methods you are much better doing without. Hopefully, your head isn't too full of them.

But in case it is, or even if a few have drifted in, keep these following things in mind while you work through our program and become a Spartan:

High Reps Are A Waste Of Time.

Going for a “pump” by performing exercises in endless reps with light weights, a method advocated by many bodybuilding gurus is a waste of time.

You're not “toning” your muscles or whatever else they claim. Instead, we will focus on building strength which translates into a better-looking body. For most exercises, this means staying close to 5 heavy reps.

Stay Away From Too Many Isolation Exercises.

Isolation exercises (which are exercises that focus on smaller body parts things like tricep extensions, calf raises, etc.) have a place, but should NEVER be the main part of a Spartan training program.

The overemphasis on these are the reason why many conventional bodybuilding systems fall short.

Avoid Program Ideas That Only Work For People On Drugs.

Mainstream bodybuilding magazines are packed with programs that will only work if you are being “chemically” assisted. Our program will get you chiselled and strong without drugs. The Spartans didn't need them. Neither do you.

We're going to work on getting you strong and a great physique too. In this case, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Here's something to keep in mind as we dig into our new series "How To Build A Spartan Physique"

Take a look at statues of Greek warriors and gods sculpted in the times of the ancients.

These images were based on physiques crafted through hard work and smart training, not through strange science or weird modern bodybuilding ideas. 

These warriors trained to be STRONG and to be able to FUNCTION WELL on the battlefield. Their appearance was an end result of that training.

The same style of training you are also going to embark on through our new series.

Combine this with the right style of thinking and the willingness to take action quickly with great resolve and literally anything is possible.

Today can be the birth of a new, strong and powerful you.

I'm betting it is.

Watch out this space for next post in our new series 

"How To Build A Spartan Physique"

"How To Build A Spartan Physique" #spartan #body #building #mens #fitness