What Other Exercises Does Boxing Combine Well With?
March 04, 2022

What Other Exercises Does Boxing Combine Well With?

Boxing is probably one of the most intense and effective forms of physical activity you could take part in. Boxing takes a strong individual with a ton of dedication. However, boxing by itself may not be enough. 

Getting into boxing is an excellent choice to stay active, learn how to defend yourself, and stay fit. You don’t have to be a professional to participate in boxing. Anyone can get involved in boxing but you do want to be sure to combine that with other strength training. 

Cardio Based Exercise

An important part of boxing is maintaining stamina. You should look into cardio-based exercises that focus on small bursts of intense energy. Jumping rope is old-school yet effective. Short sets with brief breaks are the best approach. 

Burpees, running, and other high-intensity training exercises will collaborate well with boxing. With boxing, you are using your whole body. If you incorporate burpees or mountain climbers, you’re working multiple parts of your body at once.

If you are working on your home punching bag, these additional exercises can be added fairly easily. Ultimately, the addition of these workouts is going to help you push through and perform when you are fatigued. This is how you can build your stamina while boxing.

Strength Training Exercise

If you were active before your interests in boxing, you probably have some understanding of strength training exercises. No exercise is going to be bad for you, so really anything you do to be active is going to be helpful for your overall fitness.

Lifting weights, squats, lunges, and knee rises are all beneficial for improving your boxing. Each week you should change up your routine as well. You could rotate your integral exercises with your weekly boxing routines. 

The basics like push-ups and pull-ups are another great training exercise. It’s amazing how much you can achieve when you just use your own body for your strength training. Traditional push-ups and pull-ups are underrated as far as workouts go. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

Road Work

Some of the absolute greatest workouts are just completing some manual labor. Road work exercising can include treadmill or track running, but it can also be other forms of just general hard work.

Have you ever completed a project at home and you feel like you have run a marathon? I know that I have. Yard work, chopping wood, raking leaves, and cleaning out your gutters is not only productive, but it is also beneficial to your well-being.

Another form of road work is swimming. Avid swimmers can tell you that although it is swimming, it could be one heck of a workout as well. Additionally, a great part about swimming is you don’t sweat, or at least you don’t feel it. 

So next time you’re looking to shake things up or you are getting bored with your traditional routine, think about what kind of manual labor you can do. Laboring is not the most fun way of exercising but you can surprise yourself at its effectiveness.

You may not realize how much of a workout shoveling snow is until you haven’t done it in a while and you've worked arm muscles you forgot about. These small details incorporated into your schedule will give you additional perks. 

Lastly, if these outdoor activities don’t seem to be your type, you can always just go for a walk. Walking is considered one of the healthiest options when you are not big into cardio or outdoor activities. Walking is as good as any other exercise to mix with your boxing routine.